Gilbert Speaks on “Sharp Objects” S01 E02

16 Jul


Holy Family Angst! On last week’s premiere of “Sharp Objects” we were privy to the dysfunctional life of the main character, Camille (Amy Adams), as she tries to get the scoop on a serial killer. After a second victim is found, Camille looks for clues at the funeral. Why did Chief Vickery ignore a witness? Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “Sharp Objects” S01 E01

9 Jul


Sharp Objects premiered last night on HBO, and it was worth the wait. Whenever a series is based on a book, like AMC’s The Terror I usually hold off on reading the books until the series ends. I want to be surprised, and not spend the evening comparing the TV version to the book, but after the success of the first episode, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold off on reading the book. What did I like about Sharp Objects? Meet me after the jump.


The miniseries begins with a dream. Preteen Camille Preaker, played by Sophie Lillis of the 2017 remake Stephen King’s It, and her younger sister are roller skating on a back road. You can feel the freedom shared by the sisters as they glide full speed down the road, fingers touching. Their mood changes as they enter their home. They sneak up the staircase, avoiding their mother who is busy in the kitchen. Once they enter the bedroom, they try to awaken the person in the bed.

When I realized that the person they are pricking with the paperclip is an adult Camille Preaker (Amy Adams), I knew I was in for some dark backstory, and it wasn’t long before I was proven right. Camille works for a newspaper in St. Louis Missouri. Her editor wants her to go to Wind Gap and do a write up about a missing girl. Camille is not thrilled to go, but her editor, Frank (Miguel Sandoval), is persistent, although in a fatherly way.


Camille has issues. She is definitely an alcoholic, and a smoker with a sweet tooth. When Camille is not at the neighborhood bar, she carries a paper bag full of little liquor bottles, candy bars, and cigarettes. As she drives into Wind Gap, we are privy to more of her past via flashbacks. I’m not sure if Camille expected the police chief, Vickery (Matt Craven) to give her information on the missing girl, but when he is short with her, Camille does her own investigation. This isn’t the first girl who disappeared. The first girl who disappeared the previous year was murdered. There is an urgent rush to find this year’s missing girl before she meets the same fate.

The first night, Camille stays at a hotel, but when she does goes home to ask her mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson) if she can stay with her while she does the article, the icy greeting hints of Camille’s childhood and the reason she drinks as much as she does.

Adora’s second husband, Alan (Henry Czerny) tries to smooth what feathers Adora successfully ruffles, but we know without a doubt that Adora rules that home with an iron fist and a cold heart. Camille’s half-sister, Amma (Eliza Scanlon), tries to act the loving sister, but there is too much Adora in the child. Amma may play the obedient daughter, but Camille has seen how she dresses and acts on the outside. We’re not shown how Camille’s younger sister dies, but Adora has made the child’s bedroom a shrine, while turning her oldest daughter’s bedroom into a workshop.


Camille, eager to get a story for her editor, begins to interview the suspects from the first and recent disappearance. The father of the murdered girl stands out as a likely possibility as does the brother of the missing girl. Detective Richard Willis (Chris Messina), who was called into town to help Vickery find the missing girl, tries to find out what Camille knows about the case, without revealing what he already knows.


Everyone in Wind Gap appears to know what’s going on while Camille appears to be coasting through the investigation smashed. The young girl is found, but it isn’t good news. The girl has been murdered and she may have been mutilated.

Camille, although an emotional wreck, is still a good reporter, and she is smart enough to solve this crime…if she can only stop drinking.

Gilbert Speaks on Sharp Objects

7 Jul


No, dear readers, Granny is not running amok with scissors in hand. I’m just excited about watching HBO’s psychological thriller starring Amy Adams, which is due to premier tomorrow night. What is the miniseries about? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Life with Fred and Lucy”

2 Jul

36379007_10214517310919196_6835334348711919616_nI’ve written four science fiction books already. They are part of my Roof Oasis Series. The fifth book was different. It was a project of love, and it was the hardest book to write. This past Saturday was my book launch for the much awaited, Life with Fred and Lucy: Growing up in South Philly. This book is a humorous memoir of growing up in my parents’ grocery story during the early 1950’s and 60’s. It is also a tribute to the two ghosts that hang out in my attic. Here is an interview with Elsie Kerns. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” Two-Part Season 03 Finale

29 Jun


I’ve been reviewing this fantastic science fiction series since day one, first on Biff Bam Pop, then later on my personal blog. The Expanse, which stars Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Cas Anvar, Frankie Adams, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Cara Gee, David Strathairn, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Thomas Jane as Joe Miller, is ending its time on the SyFy Channel and moving to Amazon Prime for season four. At least that’s what we’ve been promised…but I don’t trust people in authority anymore. The first part of the season finale is all about trust. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on The Hidden Benefits of a Spiritual Retreat

28 Jun


Life can be overwhelming sometimes, and the hassles of everyday life sometimes prevent us from enjoying the many gems hidden within each, and every day. Although our first reaction is to hide under the covers, there is a more spiritual way to reconnect with our souls and Source. Have you ever gone on a retreat? No? Join me after the jump to learn why Stacy Joyce Zemon’s Women’s Spiritual Retreat was just what I needed to get back to my perky self. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Expanse” S03 E11

21 Jun


Was the Protomolecule defending itself? Team Draper’s interference caused one of their people to be shredded, plus major damage to all the ships within the Ring. On this week’s episode of “The Expanse” Drummer and Ashford wait for a rescue that may never come, while Melba plots her next move. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E10

14 Jun


I cannot say this enough. “The Expanse” is the best freaking science fiction series out there…and this season, the writers and the cast have surpassed their already fabulous performance. Miller coaxes Holden into going inside the Protomolecule nucleus, but they are being followed. Meet me after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “Fear the Walking Dead” S04 Mid-Season Finale

11 Jun


Damn! Just when the story is getting interesting, we realize it’s the mid-season finale. Charlie has been giving Al the story she wanted, but now it’s time to take care of John. What will Team Alicia do once they catch up to Team Morgan? On tonight’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” we get Madison’s story. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On: The Burning of Arbor with Author J.L. Brown

8 Jun


I think the most important thing an author should do is promote other authors. I met J.L. Brown last year at the Mount Holly N.J. Horror & Writers’ Conference. We chatted about my ghost investigation at the Mount Holly Library. When Jennifer’s book came out, I contacted her for the promised interview. Here goes! Continue reading