Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E10

21 Mar


What if America was occupied by a foreign entity? How well would we do if the invader was more powerful than us? “Colony” has taken that theory and ran with it and the results are frighteningly close to what we would experience if the occupation was another nation, or an alien species. There would be collaborators and there would be a resistance group. Would we survive as well as the Bowmans? Let’s see where loyalties lay after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S07 E14

20 Mar


On this week of “The Walking Dead” is about forgiveness and bravery. We have 2 episodes left in this season and it’s nice to pull away from all the fighting and observe as Team Rick open up to each other, but where doves fly…there are also snakes. Meet me after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Reviews Edwin Herbert’s Historical Mystery: ‘Mythos Christos’

18 Mar

Biff Bam Pop!


I was offered a chance to read and review a novel written by Edwin Herbert. The write-up that his publicist sent was quite intriguing and something that was definitely up my alley: Vatican conspiracies, history, mystery, and adventure. Edwin Herbert is president of his local free thought society and has been a regular op-ed newspaper columnist on topics concerning science, skepticism, and the mythical roots of various religions. Mythos Christos is his debut novel. Meet me after the jump.

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Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S02E08

17 Mar


I can’t say it enough. “The Expanse” is one of the best science fiction shows on television, followed by another of my favorites, “Colony” which is on tonight. “The Expanse” is what you’d get if you were to combine two of television’s top classic science fiction series: “Farscape” and “Firefly.” It is a science fiction crème de la creme! We watched the attack on Ganymede, but what of its survivors? Will the refugees arriving bring some hint of what was behind the attack? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Holy Man”

15 Mar


It was the storm of the century, we were told by every news station and talking head. The predictions were flipping back and forth from 4 to 12 inches to 12 to 20 inches. I woke up to a sheet of ice that covered the ground, shrubbery and trees, but the snow precipitation was a little over 4 inches. It was the ice that screwed up my schedule and kept me home, but I didn’t mind. I had a chance to see a film that I’d never seen before. It starred Jeff Goldblum and Eddie Murphy. Was Holy Man snow worthy? Find out after the jump.


The 1998 comedy drama, Holy Man, directed by Stephen Herek was about the people who worked at a Home Shopping Network. Tensions are high to push products and Ricky Hayman (Jeff Goldblum) is not meeting his boss’s expectations. Mr. McBainbridge (Robert Loggia) brings on a sharp shooter to boost sales.


Katie (Kelly Preston) and Ricky butt heads as soon as they meet, but they join forces to save the Good Buy Studio. If you’ve ever watched the Home Shopping Network, then you know that the salespeople are under the gun to sell as many products as they can in an allotted time slot. Ricky needs a miracle and he finds it on the side of a busy highway.


Eddie Murphy plays the part of a holy man who wears Gandhi clothing and is on a pilgrimage to bring happiness to the world. He wants people to live the simple life and not to be pulled into the world of commercialism. So, it’s kind of counterproductive to find him working at Good Buy studio after Ricky almost hits him with his car.


“G” walks onto the stage one day uninvited, but the audience loves him so much, that he is hired to help sell the slow moving products. “G” uses a religious approach to spending your money on stuff you don’t need, and it works!


“G” is getting tired of the rat race and he wants to go back to his pilgrimage, but he feels duty bound to help Ricky keep his job. When Ricky loses Katie and realizes the harm he’s causing to G, then he allows the mystic to leave.


I love Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum, and I expected the best because they were both in this film. Unfortunately for all involved, the film sucked big time. The acting was great, but the script was as sad as a drowned starfish and beyond any holy man’s prayer.

The lesson for today is: The weathermen never get it right and sometimes a movie is a flop no matter how much you want it to succeed.

Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” Bury Me Here

13 Mar


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Rick and Michonne went on a honeymoon and Jadis said “Yes”, but things are about to go wrong back at the Kingdom. What will it take for Morgan to fight? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Bubba Ho-Tep

11 Mar


I’m always on the search for movies that are strange enough to add to my “Granny’s Insomnia Theater” category. Last night I came across a Don Coscarelli’s cult favorite on Watch Comet TV. It was different. It was weird. But, did Bubba Ho-Tep meet all my expectations? Find out after the jump.


Don Coscarelli is best known Phantasm and The Beastmaster, and I was happy to learn that he was the recipient of the Bram Stoker Award for Best Screenplay for Bubba Ho-Tep which stars Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead franchise) and Ossie Davis.

Bubba Ho-Tep is a 2002 American comedy/horror film about the real Elvis Presley living in a nursing home under an assumed name. The film is based on a novella by Joe R. Lansdale. The film begins with an elderly man recovering from a hip injury at the Shady Rest Retirement Home in East Texas. Sebastian Hall (Bruce Campbell) is really Elvis Presley, but the staff thinks he’s hallucinating or has dementia. We learn that Elvis grew weary of the fast life, drugs and one-night-stands. One day, he switched identities with a down on his luck Elvis impersonator, Sebastian Haff.


Elvis is the one stuck in the nursing home because all his documentation proving he is Elvis was destroyed in a campground fire, thus cutting him off from his billions in royalties and his family. To add to his dilemma, Elvis broke his hip over twenty years ago in a freak stage accident…he also has a cancerous growth on his penis. Bruce Campbell is amazing as Elvis and, he portrays his character with dignity as Elvis comes to terms with the horrors of old age. We feel every ache and we feel the angst a once famous man must endure via the natural aging process.

Coscarelli’s did something very touching with this film when he added a few insertions showing how Campbell’s Elvis observed the passage of time with the mundane parade of sameness as nurses enter and leave and new roommates come and go. The POV was there for all of us to understand: Death is a frequent visitor at all retirement homes. I did not expect this thoughtful consideration from a low budget horror film, but there it was.


Elvis has one friend in that home who believes him and it’s no other than President John F. Kennedy. Ossie Davis plays a black man who insists that he is President Kennedy and that Lyndon Johnson had him dyed black after the assassination attempt failed. Johnson also had the hole in Kennedy’s head filled with sand. There is a mysterious scar that finally convinces Elvis to believe Jack when people start dying mysteriously at the nursing home. Elvis and Kennedy join forces to save their friends from an ancient creature.

The Mummy

Bubba Ho-Tep (Bob Ivy) is a re-animated ancient Egyptian mummy that was stolen while on a U.S. Museum Tour. Somehow this mummy winds up in a river near to the nursing home when the robber’s bus crashed during a storm.


Bubba stays alive by sucking the souls from the elderly and with a nursing home full of forgotten senior citizens; this mummy is definitely enjoying the Shady Rest smorgasbord. We’re not told how the mummy became re-animated or why he’s wearing cowboy clothing or boots, but it kind of goes well with the rest of the weirdness.


I successfully talked hubby into watching this film with me and he really enjoyed it as much as I did.


Bruce Campbell did a wonderful job of reminding us that even the famous must give into the pearls of old age, but that doesn’t mean we should consider them a disability. When there is a battle to be won, the elderly are pretty damn resourceful. Watch this film if you can. You won’t be sorry you did