Gilbert Speaks on “The Alienist S01 E05

21 Feb


On this week’s episode of “The Alienist” Commissioner Roosevelt takes matters into his own hands when Connor betrays him, and Sara has her own opinion of what fuels a serial killer, and Kreizler seeks out an old mentor. What do starlings have to do with a child killer? Find out after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block” S03 E02

16 Feb


The stairway to heaven never leads to the likes of the Peach family. Alice if frantically looking for her sister, Zoe, but in this episode of “Channel Zero” Zoe’s explanation is downright gory. Why has Joseph Peach taken such an interest in the sisters? Find out after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Alienist” S01 E04

13 Feb


We all carry scars from our childhood, but luckily, the majority of us don’t act on the trauma we’ve survived. In this week’s episode of “The Alienist” we get a hint on what drives Team Kreizler. What secrets are they harboring and will this insight help catch the killer? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block S03 E01

11 Feb


Butcher’s Block is the third installment for the amazingly frightening Channel Zero Anthology. We have a new cast of characters and a new mystery that involves a staircase. Will Alice and her sister Zoe become victims of the Peach Dynasty? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Alienist” S01 E03

6 Feb


On this week’s episode of “The Alienist” we get a hint on who the serial killer is, but strangely, there are people that are trying to keep Team Kreizler in the dark. Is there something going on with Kreizler and his servant, Mary? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks: A Ghost Investigator’s Review of “Haunter”

3 Feb


I love films about ghosts. Maybe it’s because I’ve been seeing the dead since I was a toddler and, except for two rather nasty spirits, most of the spirits that I come in contact with are really nice to know. While flipping through my Comcast guide, I saw a film that captured my interest. “Haunter” is a ghost story that deals with a nasty spirit. Did it pass this ghost investigator’s test? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Alienist”

31 Jan


It is mindboggling to think how lucky we are to have the newest advances in fighting crime when it wasn’t that long ago that using fingerprints to identify a killer was just in its infancy about the time that Teddy Roosevelt was police commissioner of New York.

On this week’s episode of “The Alienist” the Isaacsons are using a newfangled scientific technique called dactyloscopy to help Dr. Kreizler solve the grizzly death of the Santorelli boy. Miss Sara Howard is proving to be a valuable member of the team. What new clues have we discovered? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “Lisa Bare-Sweet and Evolve Within”

30 Jan


We are divine spiritual beings who are temporarily inhabiting this earthly form, but living in this world, and the events from past lives often interfere with our true purpose of existence, which is the never ending learning and evolving of soul. When this happens, you need a spiritual healer. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Shape of Water”

28 Jan


I am a person who believes in romance and magic, and I love movies that give me both. As a child, I was always the odd duck because I always rooted for the Native American Tribes in all the cowboy shows on television…and I often sided with the monsters in some of the old horror stories. Really, Frankenstein was just misunderstood.

There was one particular movie from my childhood “Creature Double Feature” days at the neighborhood theatre that left a special mark on me. I fell in love with the “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Was I the only one who saw beauty in this monster? Luckily for me, Guillermo del Toro looks at life through the same rose colored glasses. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Alienist” S01 E01

24 Jan


I’ve been waiting for a series that would equal the beauty of the Victorian era and horror of Penny Dreadful, and with the first episode of “The Alienist” my wait is over. A boy is gruesomely butchered on the streets of 1896 New York City, but it will take a special person to get inside the mind of a serial killer, Meet me after the jump. Continue reading