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Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E05

28 Jun


On this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Alicia is questioning the value of life ever since she witnessed Travis die and, Madison and Troy find a new enemy. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E04

21 Jun


On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Daniel and Strand are together again. But how did Daniel survive that fire and, how did he wind up with Dante? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks n “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E03

14 Jun


Travis is dead! But, people never really stay dead on “Fear the Walking Dead” This week, Team Clark adjusts to their new home and we meet an old friend. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 Premiere

7 Jun


Before the Governor and before Negan, the people who’d survived becoming walking bags of meat were now beginning to pull together and form some resemblance of a community. These are the early days of the apocalypse and people are desperate to stay alive. There is safety in numbers, thus a community of survivors makes great sense. Unfortunately, Team Travis happened to stumble into one of these emerging communities. “Fear the Walking Dead” opens its third season with a welcoming committee that is more dangerous than walkers. Continue reading