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Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E05

22 Aug


On last week’s episode of “Midnight Texas” Team Manfred dealt with a sexy beast, but this week, Manfred has to deal with the mysterious and dangerous Hightower. Karma always arrives when least expected. Bobo and Fiji becomes a hot item, but this puts Fiji in danger. Will Manfred’s past destroy his future and his relationship with Creek? Find out after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E04

16 Aug


I am enjoying this first season of “Midnight Texas” It is horror done lightly, definitely not the equal of True Blood, but a close cousin to Grim, a supernatural show that made watching horror fun again. A supernatural creature munches her way into town, and while Team Manfred scrambles to stop her, Olivia deals with Daddy issues. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On the Series Finale of “Orphan Black”

13 Aug

S and W

I don’t know what to say about this being the last time I’ll see the clone club together on “Orphan Black.” I do know that I hate saying goodbye to people who shine in a world gone mad. Tatiana Maslany did the impossible. This tiny girl was able to create, with the help of a great cast and crew, a family of unique and wacky sisters. Tatiana was absolutely magical at weaving into existence: Helena, Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Rachel, Krystal, and all the clones that walked into our lives over the last five years.

But, Tatiana was more than a master magician. How else can we explain her ability to make each character that she played seem so real? How many times did we need to remind ourselves that there was only one actress playing all the clones? The show ends as it begins. Sarah has to save the day because Helena is about to have her babies. Will the series end on a happy note?  Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”

9 Aug


In the good ole days, we boomers enjoyed the best of television’s outstanding programing with shows like Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. There are certain episodes from all three series that have squirreled their way into my memory. There is one in particular that may have sparked my obsession with the paranormal genre. Where does the Woodbine Twineth? You’ll need to follow closely to learn. Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E03

8 Aug

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

The good news on Midnight Texas is that Manfred has found some very cool new friends and they pick up for each other. The bad news is that pack of vampires are looking for Lemuel. Are the vampires there for a friendly reunion or a bloody nightcap? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E09

6 Aug

funeral 09

I have been doing reviews on “Orphan Black” since it first premiered on BBC America. The clones have become like family to me. I know the show is all about Tatiana, and her excellent portrayal of multiple entities, but the different clones all feel real and separate to me. It’s crazy…right? On episode 09, Sarah and the gang must rescue Helena before she has her babies. Will the Clone Club succeed? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas S01 E02

2 Aug

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

Manfred has a demon occupying his house and needs help from his new neighbors, but Fiji is attacked when she does help. There’s a beast loose in the town & Manfred learns who killed Aubrey. So, the question is, am I loving Charlaine Harris’s “Midnight Texas” series on NBC? Find out after the jump. Continue reading