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Gilbert Speaks on the FDR Park Plan for South Philadelphia

9 May

When I was a teenager during the 60’s, the place to go on a date was the “Lakes.” The real name is FDR Park. Lots of smooching and more went on in all those cars parked discreetly around the lake, boat house, and the Gazebo. Over the following years, FDR Park became victim to flooding, crime, and vandalism. But things are looking up for this beautiful park and I am here to tell you all about it.

FDR Park

FDR Park, originally named League Island Park, was created in 1914 and was designed by the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted. Near to the Philadelphia Naval Base, and located at 1500 Pattison Avenue, FDR Park consists of 348 acres that included walking trails, a golf course, skate park, tennis courts, playgrounds, and fishing opportunities. Like I said in the beginning, FDR Park, although beautiful, was a victim to flooding and neglect…but new life is being pumped into this treasure.

Wetland Project

Plans are in the works to make FDR Park a world class destination for ecology, recreation, art and design. This is the first time in Philadelphia that a park plan is incorporating climate change projections and comprehensive hydrology study aligning community priorities with the realities of the hotter, wetter future the city faces.

This means that FDR Park will bring nature, water, and human activity into a balanced, unified system. All this work will take decades to complete, but the first three phases include:

Gateway Phase which includes the Anna C. Verna Playground (a state-of-the-art play area for children) and the Welcome Center. From the plans, this looks to be a spectacular play area when it is finally completed in the summer of 2023.

Nature Phase: 2022-2026 will include Tidal Wetlands, Nature trails, Wildflower Hill, Treehouse Woods, and Nature Playground.

Picnic & Play House Phase: 2023-2026 will include Fieldhouse, courts, fields, playground, picnic area.


This past weekend, while visiting my sister who lives in South Philly, we took her granddaughter to FDR Park. It was my first time back to this awesome park in many years. FDR Park has a huge Boathouse where you can rent a boat.

They have all kinds of activities: music, food trucks, shows, tennis, pickleball, and even an Asian Market that is open on weekends. Nestled in this park is also a Historical Museum.

I plan on volunteering after I move closer to South Philly this November. If you live in the tristate area, you definitely should visit this park. You won’t regret it.


Gilbert Speaks on Melcher Creations

26 Apr

Because of me doing psychic events, I have come across the most talented people. I began doing events for Tobi Schwartz Cassel’s Franks & Beans and this is where I met the amazing Lorena Melcher. Allow me to introduce Lorena to you.

Melcher Creations

Gilbert: I am so excited to be interviewing you, Lorena, and equally excited to share your crafts. How did you get started with Melcher Creations?

Lorena: I started Melcher Creations when I started paper crafting years ago. I set up the Facebook page, Melcher Creations, to share my paper crafts, homemade cards and shadow boxes.

Gilbert: Are the crafts hard to do?

Lorena: I can’t decorate a cake to save my life, but I love building the cards with the various papers and adding layers and embellishments. When I do a project with a group, I provide the template and encourage the crafters to put their own creativity to play. The projects can be as easy or as complicated as the crafter wants to make them. Embellishments/Bling are available for each craft.

Gilbert: Can clients request a certain craft to be designed just for them?

Lorena: I have made several special orders. I have been asked to make a mermaid themed shadow box, several never-ending cards with various themes such as Marvel Superheroes, Musicals, and color preferences. I have designed holiday cards, bridal shower invitations, baby shower invitations, and graduation parties.

Gilbert: Do you do house parties for small groups?

Lorena: I love working with small groups. We pick a project and work together to coordinate the craft. I do card packets, shadow boxes, and inspirational quotes.

Gilbert: Can your crafts be done by children? I was thinking of a fun party favor that children could do at a birthday party or as a take home craft gift bag.

Lorena: I would have to look into appropriate themed crafts but would be happy to give it a try.

Gilbert: Where can people find you on social media?

Lorena: They can find me on Facebook, here…and on the Franks & Beans Event page here. Tobi’s Franks & Beans holds monthly events featuring crafting events with me, Psychic dinners, and Everybody’s Birthday Party where we celebrate our birthday because we deserve to celebrate ourselves.

Gilbert: Thank you Lorena. I love your crafts and I am sure that my fans will love them too.

Check out Melcher Creations, and check out Franks & Beans for all the fun events coming up.

My Other Sites

16 Feb

If you would like to see more of my reviews of films and TV shows…hop on over to Biff Bam Pop.

Biff Bam Pop is a Canadian Pop Culture site with amazing writers. If you want to read more of my reviews, click here.

Dating can be quite the adventure even on a good day, but when Maja falls hard for Leah, she not only inherits an orthodox family; she also inherits something not on her bingo card:

A spiritual enemy.


Attachment is a Nordisk Film Production by Gabriel Bier Gislason and stars Josephine Park, Ellie Kendrick, Sofie Grabol, and David Dencik. Through a series of mishaps, Leah (Ellie Kendrick) who is visiting Denmark, meets former actress Maja (Josephine Park) at a bookshop where Maja is doing story time for the children. They click right away and for the first part of the film we watch their friendship grow into love, but it isn’t long before Maja notices that the perky Leah is having issues like sleepwalking and mumbling in her sleep. After Leah suffers a seizure that causes her knee to snap, the happy couple are forced to return to Leah’s home in an Orthodox Jewish community.

Leah’s mother, Chana (Sofie Grabol) is openly hostile to Maja. Leah explains to Maja that her dad was a religious zealot and had forced Chana to live in a community where she never felt comfortable, but that doesn’t explain her hostility towards Maja.

One day, while Leah is home healing from her injury, Maja checks out the neighborhood and walks into a bookstore owned by Leah’s Uncle Lev (David Dencik). Maja is looking for a book on the Hebrew religion and Uncle Lev then explains about the history of golems and dybbuks, which are like the Christian version of demons. This is a good thing because it isn’t long before Maja begins noticing all the symbolic talismans being hidden in Leah’s apartment. Why is Chana doing this? And what is causing the rift between Uncle Lev and Chana when it comes to Leah?

It isn’t long before Maja realizes what is happening to Leah and that she might be the only one who can save her lover from a dybbuk, but will Chana allow this to happen?


I was surprised how much I enjoyed Attachment. The horror isn’t thrown in our face, but is revealed slowly like the peeling of an onion. There are many layers to sort through, beginning with relationship and trust between Leah and Maja as compared to the relationship between Leah and Chana.

Both women love Leah and want to protect her, but Chana has the upper hand. She knows what has hold of Leah. Uncle Lev is the conduit for Maja to connect to the ancient beliefs of the Orthodox religion and its dybbuks. It is Uncle Lev who finally forces Chana to join forces to save Leah.

Like I said, I enjoyed the film even though it leaves us wondering if Leah is truly free. Do we every successfully exorcise the demon within us all?

You can find Attachment on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Gilbert Speaks on Suzanne Goldstein’s Story of Survival: To God, The Only Parent I Ever Knew

12 Dec

I am surrounded by amazing friends, and one of my friends just published a book that is a must read. Join me in my interview.

Gilbert: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Goldstein: All I can remember through most of my life is living in survival mode.  When no one is there to care for you it makes for a very difficult childhood and life.  When I found recovery I found myself and began to discover that I was a teacher and a writer.  The road to that awareness was not easy but I would not change the lessons I learned along the way.

Gilbert: What inspired you to write To God, The Only Parent I ever Knew?

Goldstein: I began writing as I was going through a very painful part of my own recovery from food addiction.  Thought it would be a helpful tool to help me process the information I was receiving from God to help me heal.  At one point I almost threw the book away.  Then I awoke one day and said to myself, this is a very informative book that can help someone deal with their own journey, and I began thinking of all the books I read that helped me through my early recovery.  That is the birth of my book as we see it today.

Gilbert: How has writing this book helped with your healing?

Goldstein: As mentioned above writing is a great tool when one is recovery from addiction.  It makes it real clear when you see your pain in black and white, and read it to someone.  Very powerful!  Also it is healing to me when folks read it and validate what I went through to get to where I am today.

Gilbert: Publishing this book must have been quite a painful journey. Do you feel that this book will help others?

Goldstein: I have no question in my mind that this book will help others go through their own journey.  It was painful to reexperience the abandonment and trauma that I lived through as I wrote the book but it was also very healing to me.

Gilbert: Are you working on a second book?

Goldstein: At this time, I am considering a second book but I am taking time to discover when that may be and what the book would be about, as there are several avenues to discover.

Gilbert: Thank you so very much for this interview, Suzanne. I wish you much success.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon here.

Gilbert Speaks on The Walking Dead Series Finale s11 e24

21 Nov

Well…I loved the walker themed commercials that ran throughout The Walking Dead series finale…but I truly feel that this finale should have been a whole two hours because it left me feeling like I got stood up on a blind date. Let’s chat!

Rest in Peace

In the finale episode, it seems that Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) was a nastier Governor than the original Governor. Her actions almost cost Judith (Cailey Fleming) her life. Daryl (Norman Reedus) faced down the horde of climber walkers to get our little Ass Kicker to the hospital inside the Commonwealth, but he was injured in the process. I have to say that Judith is truly a Grimes because she climbed off the stretcher and kept those walkers from making her and Daryl an afternoon snack.

Rosita (Christian Serratos), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) managed to save Coco and a few other infants from the walkers, but then found themselves surrounded with a drainpipe as the only escape available.  Rosita falls with her daughter in her arms…I want to tell you this one truth, nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop a mother bear from protecting her cub. Rosita, who was covered in walkers, jumped up fighting. She did manage to get her and the baby to safety…but she was bitten. Very sad, as was the death of Luke (Dan Fogler) and Jules (Alex Sgambati). At least Rosita had time to say goodbye to everyone, and she got to die in her bed.

Daryl saves Judith’s life by giving her his blood until Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale) could do surgery on her. Mercer (Michael James Shaw) is rescued by Princess (Paola Lazaro) and Max (Margot Bingham), and the big surprise of the night…Maggie and Negan made their peace. Maggie didn’t hold back as she told Negan what he stole from her and her son. There will be days when Maggie will find it hard to look at Negan, but there is a truce of sorts. Negan understood and his apology was heartfelt enough for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to allow Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to help her take down Pamela.


Our group survives because that is what they do. They are the ones who live…right? Judith also admits to Daryl that she did not tell him that Michonne was looking for Rick and that the whole family was supposed to be reunited, because she didn’t want to lose him too. The love between Daryl and Judith made me cry. He is really a father figure to that little girl.

There is a one-year-jump at the Commonwealth where we find that Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is the new governor, and Mercer is the lieutenant governor. Eugene and Max have a baby. In Alexandria we seen that Ninja Carol (Melissa McBride) has taken over Hornsby’s job. Maggie is hinting that she wants to see what’s out there beyond their communities. Carol and Daryl say a tearful goodbye. Carol is also in charge of keeping Judith and RJ (Antony Azor) safe until Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) are found.

Before we go into the surprise ending, I need to rant about Carol and Daryl. It was nice to see that there are true feelings of love between these two warriors, but I am not the only one who wanted to see at least one passionate kiss between Daryl and Carol. I was hoping, like the rest of the entire universe) that Carol and Daryl would have rode off together…but Melissa McBride was not able to do the Europe thing where Norman Reedus will be working in the spinoff. NOT HAPPY!

I know there are spinoffs coming, but this series and the people who worked on this show for the last eleven years are family to me. I worry about them. Will they find other acting jobs now that the series is done? Will we see guest appearances as Daryl, Maggie, Negan, Rick and Michonne do their thing on the spinoffs? I don’t know.

Speaking of spinoffs, just when we thought that the series would end without us seeing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne…we learn that Rick is being tracked by a CRM helicopter. He throws his backpack that includes his diary and phone onto an abandoned boat before capture. Michonne dressed in the best kick ass Ninja outfit and riding a horse has apparently found said diary and is now writing messages to Rick as she continues to search for him

I don’t know about you, my little walker snacks, but I don’t handle loss very well, and even though there will be new shows…it is not the same. I will still continue to write my posts on the spinoffs depending on which one I finally decide to choose as my favorite. I will not say goodbye to The Walking Dead. They are family, and I will drop in and visit, and…I will share my thoughts on the spinoffs with you my dear followers. WE ARE THE ONES WHO LIVE! Love you all.

Gilbert Speaks on Scott W. Perry’s Follower

14 Nov

I love doing reviews on independent films. I’ve done many reviews for films that were directed and produced by my friend Patrick Devaney, and you can find these reviews on my blog. In this post, I will be reviewing a short film that was written and directed by Scott W. Perry, and stars Patrick Devaney.


Follower, which is produced by Slick Devil Entertainment and Drew and Perry Productions, along with Hilltop Studios with Stolis Hadjicharalambous producing, shooting and editing the film, begins with a young woman, Sarah (Heather Drew) being interrogated by a detective (Patrick Devaney). Sarah is part of a dangerous cult, and the detective is trying to get information on the cult leader, Andrew.

Sarah claims that the cult is about love, but as the detective digs deeper, we learn that the cult has its own armory. The detective doesn’t settle for the “We are all about love” explanation that Sarah is sticking to, and soon asks Sarah what happened to another cult member who has gone missing.


This film was well written, and the acting was top of the line. All through the interrogation, we are led to believe that Sarah, then later, Rebecca (Mandi Fuccillo) are unwilling participants in Andrew’s plans for a major coup. I was not expecting the surprise ending. Holy Wow!

The only bad thing about short films is that they leave you wanting more of the story. I truly enjoyed this film, and it is a perfect reminder that you don’t have to live in an isolated community to be taken over by the cult mentality.

This amazing short story will be slated for viewing for the 2023-2024 festival circuit. You can learn about the director on his vimeo page here and his imdb page here.

Gilbert Speaks on the Walking Dead S11 E23

13 Nov

As each episode of The Walking Dead brings us closer to the finale, I sit in dread of which of my favorite characters will die. We know which ones will go on to live in spin-offs, but what about the ones that are left behind. The Walking Dead cast, and crew have become family to me, and so the title of the episode is so fitting of this review.

Family With Spoilers

In this week’s episode of TWD…Judith (Cailey Fleming) has grown to be a pint-sized warrior, but like Carl and Rick…she is looking to the future. She wants a brighter future for her little brother, and also for the other children. When the protective Daryl tells Judith to stay behind with the kids, she says no, and after a most adult conversation between the two…Daryl agrees to let Judith come on the mission. Judith takes her talisman weapons (Michonne’s sword and Rick’s gun) but leaves Rick’s hat with RJ (Antony Azor) and that my friends frightened me a bit. That hat is her only connection with her dad. That hat is almost a magic shield…and if Team Daryl hopes to break into the commonwealth, they are going to need all the magic they can lay their hands on.

While Pamela is having her own issues with the new and improved walkers, Mercer is doing all in his power to set things right. He is gathering faithful troopers, and with Eugene safely hidden, he can now concentrate of the walker horde…but Pamela is one smart cookie and has a spy working for her. Who is this mysterious B17 that Pamela is trying to reach?

Negan and Maggie need to work together, but even though Negan offers, Maggie shuts him down. Later, Maggie overhears Ezekiel and Negan talking and I believe she has seen the light. People can change. Isn’t it strange how we have gone from hating Negan to rooting for his success? This was a character arc that set the world upside down.

Team Aaron

Aaron and his team, which include now includes Luke and Jules, are trying to escape the horde heading towards the Commonwealth. Most of them make it inside the trailer, but not everyone. Lydia is seriously wounded and is forced to make a decision. Also, are there a few whisperers still alive…and are they also hiding within the horde…or…and this is really scary…are the climbers also regaining the power of speech? Who said, “Get to the trees.”


Things are not going well for any of our comrades. Team Daryl is ambushed by Pamela’s soldiers and Pamela shoots Judith. Lydia loses part of her arm to save her life. Mercer is betrayed by Pamela’s spy, Vickers…maybe? She doesn’t look to happy when Pamela decides to leave the citizens abandoned while she saves the estate.

Daryl swoops Judith up in his arms and he and his team try to escape the horde that has broken into the commonwealth and Pamela’s soldiers. Judith calls Daryl, “daddy” before passing out.

I have, over the years, come to think of The Walking Dead cast as family. They have encouraged me to keep going even when life threw some nasty hand grenades at me. Carol, Maggie, Michonne, and Rosita have reminded me that women are true warriors, especially when the men get it wrong.

I don’t know what is going to happen to my Walking Dead family, especially who lives and who dies in the final episode…but even when the world tires of zombies and TWD universe…I know that the actors and crew did their best to remind us that even during an apocalypse…good people can survive and that the unselfish love for humanity can make us better than we are.

See you, for the series finale.

Gilbert Speaks on The Walking Dead S11 E22

6 Nov

My apologies for not posting a review last week. I was fighting a sinus infection…and I figured that this week’s episode would mirror what happened in E21. On tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, we deal with Eugene’s kangaroo court, Team Ezekiel surviving a cruel warden, Team Aaron joining a walker horde, and Maggie desperately searching for her son. This post is packed with spoilers so don’t read until you’ve watched the episode.


I love how each episode in this final season starts with Judith’s memories. There are two storylines within this episode, and both have to do with good people taking a stand against tyranny. While at the labor camp, Negan tries to get Ezekiel to join forces against the evil warden (Michael Weaver). Ezekiel has too many bad memories when it comes to Negan, but in the end, Ezekiel agrees to work with Negan.

Back at the Commonwealth, the trial has begun, and if Yumiko expected a fair trial, she realizes soon enough that Pamela holds all the cards. Pamela’s tears over her son may be real, but she is definitely playing to the audience packed inside the court room. When Yumiko mentions the recording of Sebastian talking about the Lottery, Pamela claims it was fake. Yumiko pleads with Mercer to help Eugene and is surprised that Mercer already knows about the missing people. Mercer won’t budge in his duties, but Pamela doesn’t trust him and has one of the guards spy on Mercer.

While the trial is going on, Team Aaron (Lydia, Jerry, and Elijah) bump into Luke and Jules who break the bad news that Oceanside has been taken over by the Commonwealth. They decide to head towards Alexandria…but then notice that troopers are leading a huge horde towards the Commonwealth. Why would the troopers do this? Lydia comes up with the idea of blending in with the walkers via Whisperer style.

Princess recognizes another prisoner at the labor camp. Tyler Davis was the boy who tried to warn people about the labor camps. He is too afraid to help. Negan gets into a fight with the guards after he spots his pregnant wife doing heavy lifting. In the shuffle, he loses the escape plans. The Warden wants Negan to reveal the ringleader in exchange for Annie’s safety. Will Negan betray his friends to protect Annie?

Team Maggie have found a way into Alexandria to save their friends and to find the missing children. Maggie and Carol are both strong women, but when it comes to their kids…they are the proverbial grizzly bear mammas. It was really good to see these two Ninja warriors comfort each other. While Team Maggie work their way through the sewers, Negan is brought before the Warden again. While there, Negan notices that the Warden is a bastard even with his own men. Soldier 197 has a sick brother, and 197 requested a transfer to be close to his dying brother, but the Warden refuses….hmmm…I see a mutiny coming.

Conclusion and Spoilers galore

There are only a few episodes left, and believe it or not, I am not ready to say goodbye. Eugene, against Yumiko’s advice, gives a brilliant speech. He should have died long ago, he insists, but for the love and loyalty of good people. Although the judge is definitely owned by Pamela, the citizens of the Commonwealth are not and they don’t want Eugene to die. This might be why Pamela has ordered her men to bring in the horde. If the citizens get too angry, she can call for a lockdown claiming she is protecting them.

The ending of this episode had me jumping all over the place. Negan, to protect Team Ezekiel and Annie, tells the Warden that he is solely responsible for planning the escape. Negan knows that this is a death sentence, but he wants to protect Annie. Living up to TWD script for bad guys, the Warden decides to give the order for both Annie and Negan to be killed by a firing squad. Ezekiel, realizing that Negan protected him and the others, stands in front of Negan and Annie. One by one, all the other Alexandrian citizens join Ezekiel, but this only angers the Warden who orders them all shot.

Remember that soldier, 197, well this trooper is sick and tired of the Warden and the Commonwealth cruelty. He is not shooting a pregnant woman, but he does pull his gun on the Warden. The Warden, being the slime bucket that he is, grabs Kelly. Daryl saves the day when Daryl knocks out the Warden.

Team Maggie finds little Hershel, but unfortunately for Rosita, her baby is nowhere to be found. Desperate to find her infant she questions the Warden who laughs in her face…that is until Rosita shoves the walker into the Warden’s face. I guess it was too late for the Warden to understand that you never, ever mess with frantic mothers.

As for Team Aaron, there is a new walker on the scene, and it will be curious to learn if the new and improved walker, now referred to as Climbers, will know how to use Lydia’s knife.

This episode ended on a high note as Eugene is being escorted back to prison, Mercer is there with a message, “It’s time to fuck shit up!”

Gilbert Speaks on The Walking Dead S11 E20

24 Oct

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead…we see the true nature of Pamila, while also seeing the power of friendship.

What’s Been Lost

On this 20th episode of the series finale…we know for sure two things: our beloved Ninja warrior, Carol (Melissa McBride) is at her best while under attack…and that Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) has a decision to make: save Eugene or save the people that have been kidnapped per orders from Pamela (Laila Robins).

Pamela has shown her cards in this episode. Not only does she intend to keep Walker Sebastian with her (does she intend to feed other residents to Sebastian?), but she has given the order to capture all of Team Daryl’s people. Rosita, Ezekiel, the children…everyone! Luckily for us, Carol and Daryl avoid the capture, but now need help to find their people. Who can help them?

Connie (Lauren Ridloff) tries to persuade Yumiko to do the right thing, even Eugene (Josh McDermott) is resigned to his fate, but Yumiko knows that her people will die if she doesn’t follow Pamela’s speech for the press conference. Yumiko is supposed to announce that she will be prosecuting Eugene and Max.


After faithfully watching all eleven seasons of TWD, I have come to love Melissa McBride’s Carol the most. The evolution arc of this character is amazing. Carol went from abused spouse to a freaking Terminator, and I am loving every second of it. Although we learn later that even Negan and Ezekiel were overcome by the kidnappers…Carol was able to fight the Pamela’s assassins off and escape…later…she convinces Daryl to get help from Lance (Josh Hamilton).

Now, I always tell people that leopards don’t change their spots…and never trust a snake, but when Carol and Daryl go to rescue Lance, he is a pitiful sight to see. He is covered in his friend’s blood and Walker Sebastian is eyeing Lance as a tasty snack.  After they are separated from Daryl, Lance leads Carol into an abandoned tunnel where they are surrounded by walkers. He purposely led Carol into a trap, but our Ninja plays it cool. Daryl comes to the rescue as Lance and Carol are ready to be shot by stormtroopers.


I love when secondary characters are allowed to show their stuff, and in this episode, Yumiko comes through on the letter of the law. Yumiko follows one of Pamela’s henchmen to see if he can lead her to her captured friends, but she almost gets caught.


Pamela is desperate to keep the illusion that the Commonwealth is doing okay. She is planning a kangaroo court to execute Eugene, thus satisfying her revenge for the loss of Sebastian, and also to let the people think that justice is blind…but thank goodness for Yumiko. She not only reminds the people at the press conference that her brother is a wonderful surgeon, but then she breaks the news that she will be defending Eugene. Oh, Oh! If looks could kill. Pamela is pissed.

Let’s get back to the coin flipping Lance. He surprises Carol and Daryl with the news that the Commonwealth has a train. The hope was to use that train to travel between communities…or more likely to capture more people. Lance thinking that he and Carol or best of buddies, is surprised when he gets the news that he isn’t wanted anymore. With a sad puppy dog face, Lance walks away and we think that maybe he will turn his life around like Negan did and play nice….but hell no! Like a true rattlesnake, he tries to kill Carol and Daryl, but he forgot who he was dealing with. Ninja Warrior 1…Lance 0

The series ended on a sad note when we see our friends drugged and bound and on a bus heading to someplace very bad. Let’s hope that Carol and Daryl will save the day. At least Team Aaron is still safe…

Gilbert Speaks on The Walking Dead S 11 E19

17 Oct

What in the knob turning, wall climbing walker shit did I just witness? Holy hell in a handbasket! Just when you think Team Daryl will escape the wrath of Pamela…the walkers up the game on The Walking Dead final season.


All things evolve…except for humans. We are doomed. That said, this week’s episode of TWD has Aaron (Ross Marquand), Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Lydia (Cassady McClincy) and Elijah (Okea Eme_Akwari) at a former site of a Renaissance Fair as they make their way to Oceanside. They have made a discovery that is frightening as hell. Walkers are evolving and fighting back. At first Aaron thought he was fighting a member of the Whisperers, but nope. It was a full fledge walker. If this apocalypse was caused by a virus (either manmade or alien) then this virus has the ability to mutate to survive. There are no vaccines for this nightmare.

Back at the Commonwealth, Pamela (Laila Robins) is looking to punish everyone connected to Sebastian’s death. She has arrested Max (Margot Bingham), but really wants Eugene (Josh McDermitt). Poor Mercer (Michael James Shaw) has a dilemma. His sister Max will not back down, and Princess is leaving him. Mercer is a good man in a bad situation. He wants to protect the Commonwealth, but he also knows that the rot from within must be destroyed. We got to learn about Princess’s abusive childhood, but this gal is not playing victim.


The big question is this: Did Pamela and Lance have a thing going on? This episode hints at some hanky panky going on but Pamela is not playing nice now. Lance must now save himself from Walker Sebastian after Pamela dumps both Sebastian and a very dead Calhoun into Lance’s cell. Was Pamela involved in the dirty deeds of Lance and Sebastian? We do know that she has big shoes to fill with keeping up her father’s legacy…but legacies can create monsters.

Not everyone wants to leave the Commonwealth. Ezekiel (Khary Payton) wants to stay and change the Commonwealth for the better. Ezekiel is a true Pollyanna. Always seeing that silver lining around the darkest cloud.


Team Daryl is in big trouble. Eugene decides to save Max by turning himself in to the authorities. I loved the scene where Eugene wanted to duke it out with Daryl.  I also loved the fatherly advice that Aaron gave Lydia. Not only do we have the walker situation, but Rosita (Christian Serratos) has been kidnapped…along with the rest of the team. Who is behind this? It might not be Pamela.

I was surprised to hear Aaron say that the walkers return to a place that they remember, and that he had heard of walkers climbing walls and opening doors. This should be interesting if the walkers become smarter than the surviving humans. We shall see.