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Gilbert Speaks on Alien Covenant

23 May


I love films about aliens, and the scarier the better. I love aliens so much that my science fiction apocalyptic series Roof Oasis has kick-ass aliens included throughout the first four books. But, when it comes to my favorite alien story, Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise wins thumbs up. My husband and I went to see Alien Covenant today. Did it meet my expectations? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on HBO’s “The Wizard of Lies”

22 May


At a time, when our very own president is acting very much like a Con Man amidst rumors of deal making with the Russians and rich corporations while turning a deaf ear to the very people he promised to protect, it was all the more important for me to watch HBO’s cautionary tale about the King of Con, Bernie Madoff. What kind of man willingly bilks thousands of people out of their life savings with his Ponzi scheme? Did Robert DeNiro accurately portray Madoff? Hold on to your life savings and meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E05

18 May


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” Gloria found an ally in the case and thanks to Winnie Lopez, the dots are connecting. There are just a few problems. Vargo wants to know why Sy was talking to the police…and…Gloria Burgle’s boss is an idiot. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on American Gods S01 E03

15 May


I’ve never read the book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, but that will soon change because I am really enjoying “American God” series. I’m not exactly sure what I’m watching, but I know I like it. Are the gods in control of our mortal lives? Meet me after the jump…if you dare. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Twin Peaks: The Return

11 May


Can you believe it? After twenty-five years, a beloved series returns on May 21 on Showtime. I’ll be doing the weekly reviews of Twin Peaks: The Return for the Canadian Pulp Culture Site, Biff Bam Pop! Even though I had never watched the series when it first aired, I was able to catch up on Netflix. Now, the citizens of Twin Peaks are once again waiting for us. What has changed since our last cup of coffee and cherry pie? There is only one way to find out. Will you fire walk with me? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E04

11 May


This week on “Fargo” Varga pays a visit to Emmit’s home while Nikki and Ray track down important collateral and Gloria learns more about Maurice. Will Gloria connect the dots that lead her to Nikki and Ray? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E03

5 May


This week on “Fargo” we go on a road trip and we channel Twin Peaks…love you, Ray Wise! Was Gloria Burgle’s investigation into Ennis’s past life worth the ride? Find out after the jump. Continue reading