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Gilbert Speaks on Scott W. Perry’s Follower

14 Nov

I love doing reviews on independent films. I’ve done many reviews for films that were directed and produced by my friend Patrick Devaney, and you can find these reviews on my blog. In this post, I will be reviewing a short film that was written and directed by Scott W. Perry, and stars Patrick Devaney.


Follower, which is produced by Slick Devil Entertainment and Drew and Perry Productions, along with Hilltop Studios with Stolis Hadjicharalambous producing, shooting and editing the film, begins with a young woman, Sarah (Heather Drew) being interrogated by a detective (Patrick Devaney). Sarah is part of a dangerous cult, and the detective is trying to get information on the cult leader, Andrew.

Sarah claims that the cult is about love, but as the detective digs deeper, we learn that the cult has its own armory. The detective doesn’t settle for the “We are all about love” explanation that Sarah is sticking to, and soon asks Sarah what happened to another cult member who has gone missing.


This film was well written, and the acting was top of the line. All through the interrogation, we are led to believe that Sarah, then later, Rebecca (Mandi Fuccillo) are unwilling participants in Andrew’s plans for a major coup. I was not expecting the surprise ending. Holy Wow!

The only bad thing about short films is that they leave you wanting more of the story. I truly enjoyed this film, and it is a perfect reminder that you don’t have to live in an isolated community to be taken over by the cult mentality.

This amazing short story will be slated for viewing for the 2023-2024 festival circuit. You can learn about the director on his vimeo page here and his imdb page here.