Gilbert Speaks on Suzanne Goldstein’s Story of Survival: To God, The Only Parent I Ever Knew

12 Dec

I am surrounded by amazing friends, and one of my friends just published a book that is a must read. Join me in my interview.

Gilbert: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Goldstein: All I can remember through most of my life is living in survival mode.  When no one is there to care for you it makes for a very difficult childhood and life.  When I found recovery I found myself and began to discover that I was a teacher and a writer.  The road to that awareness was not easy but I would not change the lessons I learned along the way.

Gilbert: What inspired you to write To God, The Only Parent I ever Knew?

Goldstein: I began writing as I was going through a very painful part of my own recovery from food addiction.  Thought it would be a helpful tool to help me process the information I was receiving from God to help me heal.  At one point I almost threw the book away.  Then I awoke one day and said to myself, this is a very informative book that can help someone deal with their own journey, and I began thinking of all the books I read that helped me through my early recovery.  That is the birth of my book as we see it today.

Gilbert: How has writing this book helped with your healing?

Goldstein: As mentioned above writing is a great tool when one is recovery from addiction.  It makes it real clear when you see your pain in black and white, and read it to someone.  Very powerful!  Also it is healing to me when folks read it and validate what I went through to get to where I am today.

Gilbert: Publishing this book must have been quite a painful journey. Do you feel that this book will help others?

Goldstein: I have no question in my mind that this book will help others go through their own journey.  It was painful to reexperience the abandonment and trauma that I lived through as I wrote the book but it was also very healing to me.

Gilbert: Are you working on a second book?

Goldstein: At this time, I am considering a second book but I am taking time to discover when that may be and what the book would be about, as there are several avenues to discover.

Gilbert: Thank you so very much for this interview, Suzanne. I wish you much success.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon here.


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