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Gilbert Speaks on Melcher Creations

26 Apr

Because of me doing psychic events, I have come across the most talented people. I began doing events for Tobi Schwartz Cassel’s Franks & Beans and this is where I met the amazing Lorena Melcher. Allow me to introduce Lorena to you.

Melcher Creations

Gilbert: I am so excited to be interviewing you, Lorena, and equally excited to share your crafts. How did you get started with Melcher Creations?

Lorena: I started Melcher Creations when I started paper crafting years ago. I set up the Facebook page, Melcher Creations, to share my paper crafts, homemade cards and shadow boxes.

Gilbert: Are the crafts hard to do?

Lorena: I can’t decorate a cake to save my life, but I love building the cards with the various papers and adding layers and embellishments. When I do a project with a group, I provide the template and encourage the crafters to put their own creativity to play. The projects can be as easy or as complicated as the crafter wants to make them. Embellishments/Bling are available for each craft.

Gilbert: Can clients request a certain craft to be designed just for them?

Lorena: I have made several special orders. I have been asked to make a mermaid themed shadow box, several never-ending cards with various themes such as Marvel Superheroes, Musicals, and color preferences. I have designed holiday cards, bridal shower invitations, baby shower invitations, and graduation parties.

Gilbert: Do you do house parties for small groups?

Lorena: I love working with small groups. We pick a project and work together to coordinate the craft. I do card packets, shadow boxes, and inspirational quotes.

Gilbert: Can your crafts be done by children? I was thinking of a fun party favor that children could do at a birthday party or as a take home craft gift bag.

Lorena: I would have to look into appropriate themed crafts but would be happy to give it a try.

Gilbert: Where can people find you on social media?

Lorena: They can find me on Facebook, here…and on the Franks & Beans Event page here. Tobi’s Franks & Beans holds monthly events featuring crafting events with me, Psychic dinners, and Everybody’s Birthday Party where we celebrate our birthday because we deserve to celebrate ourselves.

Gilbert: Thank you Lorena. I love your crafts and I am sure that my fans will love them too.

Check out Melcher Creations, and check out Franks & Beans for all the fun events coming up.


Gilbert Speaks on Suzanne Goldstein’s Story of Survival: To God, The Only Parent I Ever Knew

12 Dec

I am surrounded by amazing friends, and one of my friends just published a book that is a must read. Join me in my interview.

Gilbert: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Goldstein: All I can remember through most of my life is living in survival mode.  When no one is there to care for you it makes for a very difficult childhood and life.  When I found recovery I found myself and began to discover that I was a teacher and a writer.  The road to that awareness was not easy but I would not change the lessons I learned along the way.

Gilbert: What inspired you to write To God, The Only Parent I ever Knew?

Goldstein: I began writing as I was going through a very painful part of my own recovery from food addiction.  Thought it would be a helpful tool to help me process the information I was receiving from God to help me heal.  At one point I almost threw the book away.  Then I awoke one day and said to myself, this is a very informative book that can help someone deal with their own journey, and I began thinking of all the books I read that helped me through my early recovery.  That is the birth of my book as we see it today.

Gilbert: How has writing this book helped with your healing?

Goldstein: As mentioned above writing is a great tool when one is recovery from addiction.  It makes it real clear when you see your pain in black and white, and read it to someone.  Very powerful!  Also it is healing to me when folks read it and validate what I went through to get to where I am today.

Gilbert: Publishing this book must have been quite a painful journey. Do you feel that this book will help others?

Goldstein: I have no question in my mind that this book will help others go through their own journey.  It was painful to reexperience the abandonment and trauma that I lived through as I wrote the book but it was also very healing to me.

Gilbert: Are you working on a second book?

Goldstein: At this time, I am considering a second book but I am taking time to discover when that may be and what the book would be about, as there are several avenues to discover.

Gilbert: Thank you so very much for this interview, Suzanne. I wish you much success.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon here.

Gilbert Speaks on The Venus Mantrap

25 Mar

I have some amazing writer friends, and when one of them publishes a story or book, I want to celebrate their work. A very good friend of mine, Bruce Capoferri, has recently published a book called The Venus Mantrap. Here is Bruce telling us a little bit about himself and the book.

Gilbert: Hi Bruce. I am so very excited about your book. My first question is do you belong to a writers’ group and what are the benefits?

Bruce Capoferri:  I’m a member of South Jersey Writers’ Group and highly recommend anyone, especially a novice, to join. I have grown as a writer since becoming a member and got my first story titled THE MALOCCHIO published because of it.  The wonderful folks who run SJWG and all my fellow members are friendly, extremely helpful and supportive. The guest presenters are always top-notch professionals as well, and provide valuable insight and positivity. 

Gilbert: What is The Venus Mantrap about?

Bruce Capoferri: The Venus Mantrap is a story set in a dystopian future when humanity has begun mining and colonizing other planets in our solar system. During the course of terraforming Venus enough to reduce the temperature, indigenous plants are awakened, ultimately resulting in alien-human hybrids. Being intelligent, these creatures immigrate to Earth. The murder of one leads to a darkly humorous mystery full of twists and turns, involving a Detective who must solve the case in order to clear himself and win back his childhood sweetheart. 

Gilbert: What was your inspiration for the book?

Bruce Capoferri: Similar to the style of Ian Fleming, I love playing with names, words and phrases. I also enjoy writing science fiction/horror with humor. The name of my lead character is not only a prime example of this, but was the joke that also inspired the story.  If you don’t guess the joke immediately (which I hope you won’t), it is revealed at the end. This prompted Barbara, my wife, to ask if I had written the whole story just for the punchline?  And the answer is YES!

Gilbert: What are you working on now?

Bruce Capoferri: Although I have had a number of reality-based stories about my childhood published, it appears magazine and book publishers do not appreciate my slightly warped story telling style. This is why I’ve made my first foray into the world of self-publishing with THE VENUS MANTRAP on Amazon Kindle.  

I have a novel titled CHILDREN OF GOD AND MEN that I may publish on Kindle depending on the response I receive. I am also a singer/songwriter and have recently been accepted to BMI and am a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, International.  

Currently I am researching the business of SYNC, which is the placement of songs and background music in commercials, TV, movies and other audio-video platforms.  In fact, I already have a few of my songs appearing on websites.  For an example, please visit:

Gilbert: Thank you, Bruce, I am excited to read your book which can be found on Amazon Kindle, and also to learn more about your songs at a future date.

Gilbert Speaks on The Nain Rouge Murders

7 Nov

I love watching independent films, and I love everything that Jeremiah Kipp has directed so far. His latest work is a short horror documentary. What is scarier than the Slender Man or Mothman? Find out with my review, and interview with Jeremiah Kipp.


The Nain Rouge Murders is a Beautiful Lady production short film written by Joe Fiorillo and produced by Jeremiah Kipp and Ari Rossen. It stars Ari Rossen, Suzette Gunn, Larry Mihlon, Sydney Morgan, Ashley Noel Jones, and Silvia Dionicio. The Nain Rouge Murders is part of the “Self-Taped at Home During Coronavirus 2020 series.”

The documentary is based on the legendary creature that haunts Detroit Michigan. It is said that horrific deaths occur whenever the creature is spotted. Nain Rouge is French for Red Dwarf. History has it that the Nain Rouge has been seeking revenge on the unfortunate citizens of Detroit because of Detroit’s founding father, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac’s refusal to appease the creature. Using interviews with City Councilman, Harry Walker (Jim True Frost), the police department, and friends of one of the victims, a reporter tries to get to the bottom of the savage murder of three teenagers that happened during the March of the Nain Rouge festival.

Interview with Jeremiah Kipp

Gilbert: Jeremiah, how did you hear about the Nain Rouge, and what convinced you to do this in documentary form?

Jeremiah Kipp: Our producer Ari Rossen is from Michigan, and the legend of the Nain Rouge (Red Dwarf) is part of his cultural history.  As a metaphor for the painful history of Detroit, one of our great and dissipated American cities, this was a powerful monster. Since I’ve always been interested in true crime documentaries, that format felt like a way to ground our story in some of our harsher realities.

Gilbert: How many films have you produced since Covid, and is it hard getting everyone on point while working from a distance? What difficulties have you run into?

Jeremiah Kipp: We’ve made at least six or seven, and have three more in post.  Having everyone self-tape at home made actors have to be responsible for photography and sound; although nowadays a lot of them self tape for auditions so they’re getting used to it!

Now that production seems to be resuming on set, I don’t currently have any plans for more of them. But in movies as in life, one never knows what will happen until it happens.

Gilbert: Will you consider making a longer version of The Nain Rouge Murders once we overcome Covid?

Jeremiah Kipp: We’re already developing a script with our writer Joe Fiorillo.  Audiences seem to enjoy this one; it feels like they’d love to hear more about the Red Dwarf.  

Gilbert: What are you working on now?

Jeremiah Kipp: We’re just wrapping up post on the feature length version of our monster movie SLAPFACE, and just wrapped my first project back on set: a ghost story called DRAW UP AND STARE starring wonderful actors Michael O’Keefe, Linda Powell and Academy Award winner Melissa Leo. We look forward to sharing this work in 2021.

Gilbert Speaks on The USA Singers

31 Jan


I meet the nicest people on Twitter. Most of the people that I have friended are fellow Freedom Fighters like myself. We want America to represent all people and not just the powerful corporations. I use my blogs and lots of memes to protest, but the USA Singers use their music and their wit to get the message home. How do you take down a tyrant? Check it out… Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks: An Interview with John Brito on “Below the Floor”

10 May



When you write books, or blog, you get to meet the most wonderful and talented people. When I first started blogging, it was to connect to other writers. It can be a little scary sending your dreams and ideas out into the cyber universe…there are some scary people out there. Luckily, I have only connected to beautiful souls with beautiful stories to tell. One of these beautiful souls is writer, John Brito. John is from Austria, but that hasn’t stopped us from supporting each other over the years. I am so delighted to talk to him about his new book, Below the Floor. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Grandfatherly Advice with Author James Knipp

4 May


I am blessed to belong to one of the best writers’ groups on the East coast. This is where I had originally met James Knipp. James is a talented writer and blogger, and if you want to keep up with the series finale of Game of Thrones, then jump over to Biff Bam Pop for his weekly review. I enjoyed reading Stuff Every Grandfather Should Know. It’s a great book filled with humorous advice, now join me for my interview with the author. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks About Angels with Margaret Phillips

22 Jan


We travel through this life meeting all types of personalities. Luckily for me, I seem to attract all the gentle hearted, and loving souls. One of those gentle souls is a good friend, and a fellow psychic medium. Margaret Phillips is always the first person in our group to encourage people and comfort them, depending on the situation. Margaret is also the first one to help promote her fellow light bearers. It was high time to shine the light on a very special angel. This is Margaret’s story. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks to Psychic/Medium, Beth Harper O’Brien

15 Jan


Beth and I have been friends for many years now, and I was very excited when she opened her own place, Spiritual Healing through Guidance. Beth offers many classes and workshops, and she is hosting a big Psychic and Healing Event on February 16, 2019. It was time to interview Beth and learn more about her new center. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks to Jeremiah Kipp on Lost and Found

21 Dec


As a blogger and writer, I have had the great opportunity of reviewing films, books, and TV shows. I owe most of this to Andy Burns of Biff Bam Pop who encouraged me to seek out the crème of the crop in pop culture. One of the people who I had the pleasure of interviewing many times was Jeremiah Kipp. Whenever Jeremiah completes another fantastic film, I get watch it. Today I am doing a review of his short film, Lost and Found. Continue reading