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16 Feb

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Dating can be quite the adventure even on a good day, but when Maja falls hard for Leah, she not only inherits an orthodox family; she also inherits something not on her bingo card:

A spiritual enemy.


Attachment is a Nordisk Film Production by Gabriel Bier Gislason and stars Josephine Park, Ellie Kendrick, Sofie Grabol, and David Dencik. Through a series of mishaps, Leah (Ellie Kendrick) who is visiting Denmark, meets former actress Maja (Josephine Park) at a bookshop where Maja is doing story time for the children. They click right away and for the first part of the film we watch their friendship grow into love, but it isn’t long before Maja notices that the perky Leah is having issues like sleepwalking and mumbling in her sleep. After Leah suffers a seizure that causes her knee to snap, the happy couple are forced to return to Leah’s home in an Orthodox Jewish community.

Leah’s mother, Chana (Sofie Grabol) is openly hostile to Maja. Leah explains to Maja that her dad was a religious zealot and had forced Chana to live in a community where she never felt comfortable, but that doesn’t explain her hostility towards Maja.

One day, while Leah is home healing from her injury, Maja checks out the neighborhood and walks into a bookstore owned by Leah’s Uncle Lev (David Dencik). Maja is looking for a book on the Hebrew religion and Uncle Lev then explains about the history of golems and dybbuks, which are like the Christian version of demons. This is a good thing because it isn’t long before Maja begins noticing all the symbolic talismans being hidden in Leah’s apartment. Why is Chana doing this? And what is causing the rift between Uncle Lev and Chana when it comes to Leah?

It isn’t long before Maja realizes what is happening to Leah and that she might be the only one who can save her lover from a dybbuk, but will Chana allow this to happen?


I was surprised how much I enjoyed Attachment. The horror isn’t thrown in our face, but is revealed slowly like the peeling of an onion. There are many layers to sort through, beginning with relationship and trust between Leah and Maja as compared to the relationship between Leah and Chana.

Both women love Leah and want to protect her, but Chana has the upper hand. She knows what has hold of Leah. Uncle Lev is the conduit for Maja to connect to the ancient beliefs of the Orthodox religion and its dybbuks. It is Uncle Lev who finally forces Chana to join forces to save Leah.

Like I said, I enjoyed the film even though it leaves us wondering if Leah is truly free. Do we every successfully exorcise the demon within us all?

You can find Attachment on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


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