Gilbert Speaks On “Hugo”

14 Nov


There are films that capture your very soul. These magical films are rare, so when I have the pleasure of watching a film like “Hugo” then I am obligated to share the good news to everyone. It’s not a new film, and I’ve watched it multiple times. Did Hugo make it to Granny’s Insomnia Theatre? Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah! Meet me after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E04

13 Nov


Holy Hell in a hand basket! It’s never a good idea to do a victory dance before the battle is done. On this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Carol is trapped behind enemy lines, King Ezekiel and his soldiers are under attack, and Morgan is AWOL! We need a miracle, and Carol might need to bake a shitload of cookies to get out of this mess. Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Grim Philly Twilight Tours”

13 Nov

Grim Philly Serial Killer Tour

Usually, when I mention historic and tours in the same sentence, the normal response from friends and family is, “I’m not a history person.” People tend to think of history as boring. What if I told you about a tour company that not only makes history exciting, but they give you the accurate lowdown on important information that isn’t normally found in other walking tours? Meet me after the jump to learn about Grim Philly Twilight Tours. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “A Cure for Wellness”

10 Nov


I love psychological thrillers, and “A Cure for Wellness” has it all: an incest obsessed Baron; a spa that boasts water with mysterious curative powers, slimy eels, and a Wall Street business deal gone wrong. Did this squeamish tale make it into Granny’s Insomnia Theatre? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “American Horror Story: Cult” S08 E10

8 Nov


I’ve always felt that only the very corrupt, or the truly mad run for office. It seems that “American Horror Story: Cult” agrees with my theory. AHS throws in a special Election Night twist at the same time serious voting is going on in real life. Who is Kai drawing his inspirational tyranny from? Find out after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E04

6 Nov


Every war is fought because of agendas: more territory, more food and water, natural resources, greed. It really doesn’t matter what side you are on. War sucks for the innocents…like baby Gracie, Judith, and Shiva. Walkers may be the disease, but they’re not responsible for the load of crap raining down on both Team Rick and Team Negan. On this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” the people of Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria deal with consequences. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “American Horror Story: Cult” S08 E09

2 Nov


Power is a dangerous thing, and the more power you accrue, the more of your humanity you seem to lose. On this episode of “American Horror Story: Cult” Kai was already missing a few days of the week before the election results even came in…now…that nut job wants to run for the Senate. Did Kai get his messianic complex from historical events? Find out after the jump. Continue reading