Gilbert Speaks On “Your Show of Shows

4 May


I’m working on a book about the two ghosts that live in my attic. It’s called Life with Fred and Lucy. While doing research on the shows that my family was able to watch on our 12 inch black and white screen, I came across one of my favorite childhood memories. It was called one of the greatest television shows of all times. What was television like in the year 1950? Meet me after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On Mary Pickford’s Sparrows

2 May


It was another sleepless night: my father dropping by with a few recently departed souls; I was stressing out because I’m in the middle of publishing one book as I begin work on another book about the ghosts in my attic. After sending Fred and his friend on their merry way, I decided to watch some television. Whenever I can’t sleep, I always turn to the Turner Classic Movie Channel. This time I was treated to a 1926 film called Sparrows. Do you know who Mary Pickford is? You will after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Reviews Teri Wilson’s Romantic Comedy, ‘Royally Roma’

1 May

Biff Bam Pop!


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy being the senior writer for Biff Bam Pop? I get to interview the most talented people. Lately, I’ve been doing book reviews for the site, and while I’ve enjoyed reading all the books assigned to me, Royally Roma by Teri Wilson has been my favorite by far. Set in the eternal city of Rome, Teri Wilson takes her readers on a spectacular adventure of mistaken identity. Meet me after the jump for the review.

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Gilbert Speaks on Totem Animals

30 Apr


Today, I had the pleasure of attending a class on Totem Animals. What are Totem animals? Does everyone have a Totem animal? How do you know what your Totem animal is? Meet me after the jump to find out. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E02

27 Apr


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” we were introduced to the participants (cast) of the Coen Brother’s fabulous and mesmerizing game of Bridge known as Fargo. This week, Mr. Varga makes his move. Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E01

23 Apr


I would love to one day meet with Ethan and Joel, the Coen brothers. They seem to have as much of a twisted mind as I do. I was excited to see what they had cooked up for the third season of their popular Fargo Series as I have been a loyal fan ever since the series premiered on FX. Are you ready to visit the strange world of Fargo? You betcha! Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” Season 2 Finale

21 Apr


On last week’s episode, while Avasarala, Cotyar and Draper were betrayed by Errinwright and captured by Mao’s henchmen, Holden put his revenge on hold to save Naomi. While Iturbi tries to figure out what is happening on Venus, Holden and his team must save the Roci from one hell of a hitchhiker. Continue reading