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Gilbert Speaks on the Italian TV Series “The Mafia Kills Only in Summer”

16 Aug


Insomnia may not be good health wise, but educationally…it’s a blast! Skimming through the cable guide, I accidently caught the beginning of S01 E01 of an Italian TV series that is based on a 2013 film. The Mafia Kills Only in Summer is shown intermediately on station WPPT. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Amazon Prime’s “The Boys”

9 Aug


The Boys is not your normal superhero series. Based on the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, this series, which you can watch on Amazon Prime, reveals the dark side of people gifted with extreme superpowers and sadistic tendencies. Who can save the world from these corrupt heroes? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Dead to Me” S01

16 May


There is a new TV series on Netflix, and if you like dark comedy, then you need the first season of Dead to Me. Secrets can damage the best of friendships, but when a secret concerns murder, then expect the unexpected. Continue reading