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Gilbert Speaks on “The Narcissistic Gene”

20 Feb


This is a new addition to my Spiritual Musings in a Physical World. Do we create the Narcissist, better known as the Emotional Vampire, or is it in their genes? Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “My Brother’s Keeper”

12 Feb


This is another entry for my Spiritual Musings in a Physical World. Are we truly our brother’s keeper? If so, what does it mean? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Protecting Your Aura

11 Feb

14-1014 - Sun Morning in Nov1010 - HSenders

I spoke about psychic and emotional vampires in an earlier blog called Negative Energy. On this post, I want to give some examples on how you can protect your aura/soul from negative energy. Continue reading

Negative Energy

10 Feb

angel healing

What is negative energy? How do you know that you are dealing with an emotional vampire? This post is from my Gilbert Curiosities Blog and will now be added to my monthly Spiritual Musings in the Physical World. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks About Angels with Margaret Phillips

22 Jan


We travel through this life meeting all types of personalities. Luckily for me, I seem to attract all the gentle hearted, and loving souls. One of those gentle souls is a good friend, and a fellow psychic medium. Margaret Phillips is always the first person in our group to encourage people and comfort them, depending on the situation. Margaret is also the first one to help promote her fellow light bearers. It was high time to shine the light on a very special angel. This is Margaret’s story. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on The Hidden Benefits of a Spiritual Retreat

28 Jun


Life can be overwhelming sometimes, and the hassles of everyday life sometimes prevent us from enjoying the many gems hidden within each, and every day. Although our first reaction is to hide under the covers, there is a more spiritual way to reconnect with our souls and Source. Have you ever gone on a retreat? No? Join me after the jump to learn why Stacy Joyce Zemon’s Women’s Spiritual Retreat was just what I needed to get back to my perky self. Continue reading

Spiritual Reading on Indecision and Confusion

8 Apr

30261565_10213968075148645_233113108086784000_oBesides being an author, and blogger, I am also a psychic medium and I do weekly readings on my Facebook page and on my Gilbert Curiosities Blog. I wanted to share this particular reading with my friends here on Gilbert Speaks. Enjoy Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “Lisa Bare-Sweet and Evolve Within”

30 Jan


We are divine spiritual beings who are temporarily inhabiting this earthly form, but living in this world, and the events from past lives often interfere with our true purpose of existence, which is the never ending learning and evolving of soul. When this happens, you need a spiritual healer. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”

21 Nov


I recently watched a film that although I’m a lover of horror films, scared the bejeebers out of me. “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” is touted as an American supernatural horror film, but it was so much more. The film touched a nerve with this ole ghost investigator. To find out why this film made it into the coveted “Granny’s Insomnia Theatre” meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Oneness of It All” with Author Maryann Pino Miller

2 Oct


I first met Maryann Pino Miller when I attended a few classes at The Center, Life in Balance. After getting to know more about Maryann, we spoke about her book. Maryann was kind enough to give me her book as a gift. I truly enjoyed reading The Oneness of It All. There is power and beauty in our words. Join me now as I chat with the author. Continue reading