Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 E03

16 Aug


Holy Totem Pole! What is going on at Mosswood commune? On this episode of “The Sinner” Harry Ambrose tries to get closer to Julian, while Heather discovers an unexpected clue in Marin’s belongings. What does the town’s obstetrician know about Mosswood? Join me for my review.

Part 3

While Harry (Bill Pullman) and Heather (Natalie Paul) review what they learned from their visit to Mosswood, and if they should mention the bloodstained monolith inside the barn, Julian is arrested. Vera thinks Harry is behind the arrest and the move to have Julian tried in criminal court instead of family court. Harry rushes to the foster home just as Julian (Elisha Henig) is placed in the police car. Even though Vera has brainwashed Julian not to trust Harry…there is definitely a bond between the two. Harry writes his phone number on Julian’s hand with a marker.


Vera has Benji (a lawyer who just happens to be a resident of Mosswood) speak with the D.A but things are not looking good for Julian who might be facing 30 years or more in prison. If Vera (Carrie Coon) was upset enough, she bumps into Harry who tells her that Julian is scheduled for a psychological evaluation.


The young, but talented actor, Elisha Henig, is doing a wonderful job of portraying his character as a boy, who although knows more than he’s letting on, is truly sorry for the death of Bess. He didn’t know the poison would cause such pain, but Bess and Adam had lied, and according to Mosswood ideology, when you lie…you split in two. Julian’s reaction and inner turmoil is explosive after the psychologist asks him if he lied to her.


Is Vera the leader of a cult? Is Julian the only child at Mosswood? What is that stone monolith and, what the hell was that emotionally dance? exercise? Vera performed before it? Everything in this episode keeps leading back to the mystery hidden inside the barn. Whatever Vera’s story is, she did some extensive research on Harry and learned how he helped out on the Cora Tannetti case. She wants Harry to give her son the same treatment.


When Heather visits Marin’s mother, she learns that Marin has not spoken to her mother in twelve years. Marin’s mother tells Heather that she can have the box holding Marin’s things. As Heather goes through her friend’s possessions, we see through a flashback that Marin visited Heather the day after she stayed at Mosswood. Marin is excited to return and wants Heather to join her…but Heather is upset that Marin told the group about her personal information.


Within the box is a young adult novel, Dolphin Beach, a book that Marin was reading before she disappeared. The name of the main character is underlined throughout the book. Understanding the connection with the boy, Heather rushes to the courthouse.


Did Harry start the fire that killed his mother? There is that recurring flashback of the boy walking into the kitchen where the pot is boiling. Either Harry didn’t know what to do to save his family, or he just allowed things to happen. Not sure, but his depression weighs heavy on his friend Jack. After some encouraging, Harry agrees to go to a social gathering to meet old high school chums. One of the people at the party suggest they use tear gas on Mosswood like they did with Waco Texas. Harry doesn’t last long at the party and finally admits to Jack that he’s not fine at all.


Heather’s discovery while searching through Marin’s belongings has her convinced that Vera is not Julian’s mother. Heather believes that her friend/lover is Julian’s mother. Julian not only resembles Marin, but also has all her expressions. There is no father’s name on the birth certificate, so Harry and Heather pay a visit the doctor whose name is listed on the certificate.


Dr. Poole is the only obstetrician in town and he explains that the baby was already born when he was called in to do the official paperwork. When Harry asks Dr. Poole if he ever did a physical exam on the supposedly postpartum Vera, the doctor behaves suspiciously vague especially after Harry asks the doctor if there were other births recorded at Mosswood.

The suicide of Dr. Poole confirms that something very mysterious is happening at Mosswood, but the cincher is when Harry discovers a smaller version of the stone monolith in the doctor’s attic. What is happening at Mosswood that was worth Dr. Poole cutting his own throat? The good news is that Julian still has the phone number marked on his hand. Will he call Harry?


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