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Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 Finale

20 Sep


We have arrived at “The Sinner” grand finale for its second season, but we have so many unanswered questions. This story evolved around Julian, but what part did Jack play in this Shakespearian drama? Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 E07

13 Sep


In last week’s episode of The Sinner Julian had been abducted from the foster home, but were we really surprised on who took the boy? Can we really trust Vera? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 E06

6 Sep


What happened to Marin, and how did Vera take over as Julian’s mother? On this week’s episode of “The Sinner” we wonder whose skeleton was found in the reservoir? Is Julian’s monster a figment of his imagination? So many questions. So few answers on this week’s reveal. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 E05

30 Aug


How did Harry end up in the Rockford Lodge Motel? On this week’s episode of “The Sinner” Vera lets the cat out of the bag about Julian, and we learn more about the man behind Mosswood. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 E04

23 Aug


What is Harry hiding? What really happened in that fire? On this episode of “The Sinner” we learn about the Beacon. Who is he, and what is his connection to that monolith rock? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Sinner” S02 E03

16 Aug


Holy Totem Pole! What is going on at Mosswood commune? On this episode of “The Sinner” Harry Ambrose tries to get closer to Julian, while Heather discovers an unexpected clue in Marin’s belongings. What does the town’s obstetrician know about Mosswood? Join me for my review. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On Season Two of “The Sinner”

11 Aug


USA Network has done it again with its second season of The Sinner, and we are hooked line and sinker as it opens with another grisly murder. Who is Julian Walker, and why did he kill his parents. Let’s review together. Continue reading