Gilbert Speaks on “Sharp Objects” S01 E06

13 Aug


Why would Chief Vickery report to Adora before speaking to Richard about newfound evidence? On this episode of “Sharp Objects” we’re pulled into the emotional depth of Camille’s defenselessness. Join me for a walk into the dark side of Wind Gap.


“I never loved you.” Can you even imagine a mother saying this to a child, even if it was to her adult daughter? Adora is definitely aware of Camille’s emotional problems, and yet she says it. We have seen through multiple flashbacks just how abusive Adora has been to Camille, but it really comes home to roost when Adora, after receiving a phone call from Vickery about evidence, stops long enough in the kitchen to make a remark as Camille is picking at some left over Cherry Pie.

You feel that knife to the heart as surely as Camille does. It’s the first time in this series where Camille allowed herself to be loved. She had just left Richard’s bed, and there were hints of them spending more time together, but Adora must have sensed Camille’s contentment and thus, the zinger. Adora is like a viper.


What Camille doesn’t know is while Richard is investigating the murders, he is also doing research into Camille’s past. He even goes to see her doctor. Now this is strange especially since he is supposed to be investigating the new evidence that showed up. Is Chief Vickery that stupid? He sure as hell doesn’t understand forensic science, or he would have properly handled the bicycle found in the lagoon on the Preaker farm. The bike belonged to Ann Nash. Later, Richard even interrogates Jackie about Camille’s past, but Jackie is much more loyal to Camille than I expected.


Adora’s husband, when not listening to music, or looking a magazines of naked women, usually keeps to himself when it comes to Camille, but Adora is a wicked bitch and she tells Alan that he should be the one to tell Camille that she is no longer welcomed at the home. Alan tries to play Adora as a long-suffering saint by mentioning Adora’s mother.


Camille finally meets with old cheerleader friends for lunch. Strangely, none of the women mentioned the newspaper article, but we do get a hint of how young Camille was when she began her cutting from a conversation with Cheerleader Becca. This luncheon turns into a pity party for the Wind Gap cheerleaders. Becca and Camille take their drinks and conversation onto the patio, but the other women join them and flaunt the joys of motherhood in front of a childless and unmarried Camille.

Later, Camille mentions to her editor that she thinks a woman is a killer after visiting Ashley, Camille might be right. Ashely tells Camille that the murderer kills to be popular, but we also learn that John’s dead sister bit off a chunk of Ashley’s ear. Frank doesn’t think a woman is strong enough to be the killer, but I have two suspects that might be capable of anything.


Amma persuades Camille to hang out with her friends. Maybe Camille joined in with the drugs and drinking to bond with little sister, but there were so many warning signals to clue in Camille that Amma (Eliza Scanlen) might be the chief suspect. I don’t trust Amma. She knows too much. She uses boys, and brags about it to Camille after they skate home together. Amma admits that she has no control over her girlfriends, but by letting the boys do what they want to her, gives her power over the boys.


Amma sure has control over Camille, and talks her older half-sister into sleeping in her room. Neither notices Adora peeking in. How did Marian die? What was her sickness? Did she and Camille have the same father? So many questions, and so few episodes left. The one thing we do know is that after that bike was found, Adora wanted Camille out of the house.


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