Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S04 E10

20 Aug


On Tonight’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Alicia is taking control of what’s left of her life. After refusing to stay with Strand and Lucy, and turning down Morgan’s offer to join the people of Alexandria, Alicia must deal with the past while seeking refuge from the storm. Can Alicia survive the Zombienado?

Close Your Eyes

Alicia thought she found a safe home from the storm, but the stumbling occupants were waiting for unexpected visitors. Alicia is becoming as proficient as Michonne with the use of her weapon, but is she ready for the loneliness? It’s hard to imagine a whole family turning together, but any shelter that you find must be made safe, and that is what Alicia does before she can rest.


I think Alicia was better able to cope with a ton of walkers instead of who she finds inside the house. Why did Charlie pick that house? Alicia is so angry that she leaves…afraid of what she’ll do if she stays. After she knocks herself unconscious attempting to get into a car, Alicia awakes to find herself back inside the house.

Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) remains silent while Alicia rants outside her bedroom door. Charlie is afraid of Alicia, especially knowing that Alicia wants her dead for killing Nick and for Madison’s death, and yet, she stays. Charlie angers Alicia with her silence, but it very well may be Charlie’s silence that keeps Alicia from killing the girl. As the storm rages around them, Alicia gets Charlie to help nail down the shutters. Charlie won’t tell Alicia if she knew this family, but the way Charlie tenderly dries the family photos and the way she covered the dead family.


Alicia’s words are harsh, but we can’t blame her. She has lost her entire family, and the person responsible for this is now sharing a home with her. After Alicia takes Charlie’s gun, asking if it was the gun that killed Nick? Charlie climbs onto the roof and heads purposely towards a tree walker. Alicia is angry, hateful even, but she can’t allow the girl to get bitten by the walker. Alicia pulls her to safety. Later, while eating their meager dinner, Charlie opens up and talks to Alicia.


Sometimes, it takes a storm and flying walkers to get people to understand why people do what they do. When the storm forces Alicia and Charlie into the basement, they become trapped with the floodwater rising. Charlie tells Alicia how her parents died. She can’t remember what they look like. She has no photos of them. Charlie begs Alicia to kill her. She doesn’t want to become like her parents.


Sometimes, it takes a storm and a tree walker to keep you going. Who would have guessed that tree walker would save the day. With the storm over, Alicia has a new outlook on life. She buries the dead and leaves a jar with photos in case someone comes looking for them. Did she do it for her or Charlie? I think Alicia did it for both of them. They decide to find Morgan, Strand, and Alicia, and as they drive, Alicia describes the ocean to Charlie. Forgiveness should always be followed by an act of kindness.

The storm is over, but Alicia and Charlie don’t know if their friends are alive. What counts now is that Alicia has forgiven herself and Charlie. They get to live another day…and hopefully…before this season is over…they will find the others.


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