Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E05

5 Nov


On last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Negan escaped. We don’t know for sure who is responsible, or if they will later regret the good deed, because in my travels I have learned that no good deed goes unpunished. There is trouble brewing between our protagonists, and that is bad news. A divided team is easily conquered

What It Always Is

How the hell do you protect yourself from walkers or the Whisperers if you can’t hear? That is what Kelly is dealing with right now. Luckily for Kelly, Team Daryl goes searching for her. Kelly isn’t the only one with problems because Ezekiel has thyroid cancer, and there is no chemo treatment available. Why is Magna stealing supplies? Is there a thing between Connie and Daryl? These are all great plots and normally, I would be interested, but my attention was focused on Negan.


As much as I hated the Negan character when he first showed up, I have grown to like and admire the character since his capture by Rick…but the question always remains hidden in the back of my mind. Did Negan really change? We find out after he meets Brandon. “We are Negan,” is Brandon’s battle cry as he tells Negan that he’s a big fan. Brandon has found Negan’s leather jacket, and he has also found Lucille.


I half expected Negan to immediately use Lucille on Brandon because the boy was just so freaking creepy, but Negan kept his cool. Later when Negan saves a woman and her son from walkers, Brandon wants to kill them, but Negan reminds the fool that he doesn’t kill kids. Negan even tells Brandon to get lost.

Negan told the truth about not killing kids, he respected Carl, he has a soft spot for Judith, and he protected Lydia, so maybe Negan has turned to the light.


Our female sociopath is definitely responsible for all the calamities hitting Alexandria and Hilltop, and now Alpha has Gamma polluting the drinking water with walker guts, and when someone disagrees with her methods, she kills him. Gamma cuts her hand open while slicing and dicing a walker and Aaron throws her a bandage as a sign of good will. Aaron better watch himself because as I said in the beginning…no good deed goes unpunished.


Magna shocks Yumiko by revealing that she did murder the man who killed her young cousin. Does any of this really count when you are fighting for your life in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If I am surrounded by walkers, I might feel a whole bunch safer having a killer watching my back.

I feel so bad for Ezekiel. I understand why he didn’t tell Carol the truth. This was a man who was king of the forest. He had a pet tiger, and his own magical kingdom. If Carol comes back to him, Ezekiel won’t want it to be because of pity.


I have not lost my faith in Negan. In fact, Negan is the only one playing by the rules while everyone on Team Michonne is bickering and second guessing what needs to be done. Brandon killed the woman and the boy because he thought he would score points with Negan, but Negan took a rock and killed the man.

The best part of the night was when Negan meets Beta. The Whisperers are definitely not prepared for Negan, and the shit will hit the fan after Negan told Beta, “All right you big ass freak, let’s do this!”

Alpha might think it’s wiser to keep Negan alive, but Negan will prove to her and the Whisperers that a good deed is going to get them a smack to the nuts. GO NEGAN!


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