Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E06

11 Nov


Negan and the Whisperers! What could possibly go wrong with this situation? I still trust Negan to do the right thing, but in this episode of The Walking Dead, Carol and Daryl go on a mission and Siddig plays Sherlock Holmes.


Carol isn’t about to wait for Alpha to destroy her community. Nope, our cookie baking Ninja is going to find Alpha’s horde and destroy it. Daryl, knowing that Carol is up to something, joins her on her mission. We have all heard the rumors of Michonne leaving the show, so it only opens the door to having Carol as team leader.


I have always thought that Carol was the perfect person to take over after Rick disappeared. I liked how Carol eased into questioning Daryl about Connie, but he says “It’s not like that.” I don’t know about you but I have been waiting a freaking long time for Daryl and Carol to become a thing.

Siddiq is worried about the stomach bug that is going around, but could it be the contaminated water? Listen my little walker snacks, polluted water can kill you. We don’t have to wait until a zombie apocalypse to suffer from the effects of a weakened EPA. The man in the White House is going out of his way to destroy any hope of a sustainable future, including safe food and clean water.

I love how Negan can easily get on Beta’s last nerve, but when Negan mentions that he’s been a prisoner of Team Alexandria for eight years…Beta knows that Negan is worth more alive than dead. Now, you have to admit that Negan knows how crazy works, especially after witnessing Beta bend the knee to Alpha. We all know that smile. We also know that Negan’s shit-eating-grin means that Beta and Alpha are not going to know what hit them.

Eugene is picking up messages from Hilltop, and it looks like he and Rosita have mended their relationship to friendship status…but Rosita is getting sicker. Dante and Siddiq better find a cure for this strange stomach bug before everyone at Hilltop is too sick to fight the Whisperers.


Negan has a way of getting under people’s skin with his wisecracks. It’s who Negan is, but will Negan’s sarcastic taunts turn Beta against him? I know Negan is egging Beta on, but to what end? Negan is forced to dig up the dead and skin them, and later, he has to kill a wild pig, but Beta won’t give him food. Negan keeps taunting Beta, until Beta leaves Negan to fight the horde on his own. Beta never expected Negan to survive, but Negan does, and then he bends the knee to Alpha.

The Walking Dead - 10x06 - Bonds

Carol gets her and Daryl in a jam and now they are trapped with walkers and Whisperers. When Carol captures one of the whisperers, Daryl wonders if she planned this all along. But of course she did, sweetie! She is the cookie baking Ninja. How did Daryl miss the zip ties in her bag? I have this feeling that Daryl secretly guessed at Carol’s real agenda. I think deep down, he is tired of Alpha controlling their actions, but let’s pray that it doesn’t ruin a budding romance. I am so ready for a Carol and Daryl love-a-thon, and I do hope they can get information from their captive because Alpha will hit back hard.

As an exhausted Siddiq falls asleep with little Coco in his arms. Eugene finds another survivor via short-wave radio. They talk about trains and ice cream.

Right now, we have a disease going through Hilltop, a possible new community to learn about, a possible rift between Carol and Daryl, and Negan joining up with the Whisperers…I don’t know if I should laugh or cry

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