Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E04

28 Oct


The good folks of Alexandria are scared. They have every right to be, but poor Negan gets the worst of it. Did we ever think we would feel sorry for Negan? On this episode of The Walking Dead, Hilltop deals with safety issues, while Judith imparts some wise wisdom on Michonne.

Silence the Whisperers

Team Michonne are going through trials and tribulations. Daryl is trying to keep Carol here…mentally here for him. Lydia wants to be accepted, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is lost. His kingdom is gone…and he no longer has Carol and Henry by his side. Hilltop has an incident. A building may have collapsed because of a tree, or it could be the Whisperers. Meanwhile in Alexandria, Lydia is being taunted by the others. Negan is the only one who understands her. Everyone hates him too.


While bringing supplies to Hilltop, Michonne tries to give Judith a lesson about bullies, but Judith has her own theories, and this kid is smarter than most of the adults. Something is wrong with Ezekiel. I think everything is getting to him…luckily Michonne spots him on the road. Was Ezekiel going to jump? I did not expect that kiss, but I think Michonne is still hoping that Rick is alive.

It was heartbreaking to hear Michonne talk about the loss of her partner in crime. She told Ezekiel what she missed about Rick, how before she met him…she was on her own, sometimes hoping that the walkers would bite her. Now she has two kids to raise. She makes Ezekiel promise not to pull another stunt.


No matter what she does, the people of Alexandria will not allow her to forget what Alpha did to their friends. Negan gets her…Daryl doesn’t. When Lydia is attacked, Negan comes to her rescue, but now he is in danger because he may have killed someone. Lydia tells Daryl that Negan save her life, and he believes her, but he still hates Negan and doesn’t know if he can save him or if he wants to.

Team Magna are fighting walkers to distract them from knocking down a wall, but there are just too many dead and the wall comes tumbling down, luckily Team Michonne shows up.


Everyone is fighting among themselves while the wolf is at the door. Everyone wants Negan dead, but Siddiq doesn’t think this is the right thing to do. Michonne tells Daryl that he needs to do a better job protecting Lydia because the only reason they are alive is because of Lydia.


The town leaders have to vote: guilty or innocent…Father Gabe needs to think before he votes. When he goes to talk to Negan, Gabe gets the shock of his life. Negan is gone. Who let him out? Even though Lydia says she did, and that she wants to stay in his cell because she feels safer there…Daryl knows she didn’t do it. So, who let Negan out? Was it Carol?

Michael Cuditz directed this episode! Awesome work.


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