Gilbert Speaks: An Interview with Author Justin Bamforth on The Spectrum

29 Aug


I met Justin a year ago while attending a function at a little metaphysical shop (On Angel’s Wings) in Bordentown, New Jersey. Justin Bamforth, who is a designer, writer, and marketer, is also interested in Spirits and UFO’s. As a psychic/medium, I was interested to learn that Justin had written a book about the paranormal. Meet me after the jump for the book review and my interview with the author.

The Spectrum

As the subtitle claims, Justin Bamforth’s book gives an in-depth glimpse into the world of the paranormal and the strange. Justin covers many topics having to deal with spirits, other dimensions, doppelgangers, and UFO’s. What do ghosts, aliens, clones and portals have in common? The book covers each topic while giving concise explanations and theories that engage our curiosity while remaining easy to digest. I truly enjoyed the book, and I would recommend The Spectrum to all my paranormal friends, and even to my non-believer friends. The Spectrum will certainly have you thinking outside of your comfort zone…but this is exactly what a book should do.


Marie Gilbert: What got you interested in spirits and UFO’s?

Justin Bamforth: Oh, I’m not interested in these things so much as they seem to be interested in me! I know that sounds rather egotistical, but honestly, it seems that whatever is orchestrating the phenomena also has the ability to draw certain people into its maddening world, even if they try to separate themselves from it. Personally, I used to be content with just hearing about other people’s various experiences, but now I’m more interested in the individual responses to the experience itself. This aspect is often overlooked, yet just as amazing really.

Marie Gilbert:What inspired you to write The Spectrum? 

Justin Bamforth: After researching and investigating for a number of years, I wanted to take it a step further and see what others who maybe weren’t so engrossed in this study thought of it. So, I invited a handful of people to a small online forum I began called Normal Paranormal, which sparked continued conversation in all sorts of high strangeness. This later developed into the current website, blog, and various social media channels that I run now, all under the same name. It serves the same purpose, but on a much larger scale. As a result, I started to receive messages from people all over the globe who wanted to share their experiences with me. The common mindset is to isolate the experiences into one category or another—but what if they were all related in some way? What if it was all coming from the same source? That is the overall theme I decided to address for The Spectrum.

Marie Gilbert: In your research, is it easier for people to believe in ghosts rather than aliens? 

Justin Bamforth: It would certainly seem this way. But that could be for a number of reasons. With the paranormal entertainment boom of recent years, it has made it a lot easier for people to talk about their experiences or meet up with other like-minded individuals to discuss. For some reason, ufology has not seen the same level of popularity. This could be due to a greater uneasiness with regard to those forces associated with the UFOs. No one knows for certain where these entities are coming from nor what their true intentions are. That aspect disturbs a lot of people, because it could also mean that we are not as able to easily prevent these forces from doing whatever they want to us—unlike the spiritual realm where we like to think we have more control. But when we look at the case reports in both parapsychology and ufology, we find that both are equally as unpredictable and unexplainable.

Marie Gilbert: Are you working on another book? 

Justin Bamforth: I’m always working on something. Stay tuned…

Marie Gilbert: Thank you, Justin. It was a pleasure reading your book. For my followers who are interested in buying The Spectrum, you can purchase the book HERE.

You can find Justin Bamforth at these upcoming events:

Haunts at the Playwicki Farm BonFire on September 28th

Dinner and Lecture at the Old Town Pub on October on October 2nd




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