Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S04 E11

28 Aug


Morgan is more fickle than the average teenager. First, he wants to leave Alexandria, and now, he wants to go back. On this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Morgan has survived the Zombienado, only to meet up with land sharks.

The Code

Morgan has gotten himself out of the storm thanks to an abandoned tractor-trailer filled with boxes of food. When he awakens, he finds himself at a truck stop in Mississippi. How the hell did he get there? No one is at the truck stop but someone is calling for “Polar Bear” on the short-wave-radio. The woman on the radio is too perky for my liking and she tells Morgan to take what he needs and leave what he don’t.

Our little Ninja Warrior packs plenty of protein bars in his backpack, and makes himself a great pot of coffee. Morgan is on the toilet when someone in a wheelchair tells him to get out of the handicapped bathroom. Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) asks Morgan why people feel the need to use the handicapped bathrooms. Morgan comes out with the best reason ever, and you know what…he’s right. Those handicapped stalls do seem like a little apartment. You have room to move around and they even have a little sink in some.



Wendell is not amused, but then his twin shows up, or that is what she calls herself. Sarah (Mo Collins) is a cocky white woman who explains that they are the ones leaving the care packages along the road. Wendell and Sarah appear to be good people, and their apparent kindness shocks Morgan. Sarah and Wendell tell Morgan that they live by a code “Help the people, then keep on trucking” but they are hiding a secret.

Morgan refuses their offer to stay with them, telling Wendell and Sarah that he has friends to find. Why did Morgan give up looking for his John, June and the others, and why did he lie about the bridge? This lie is so unlike our Morgan. While waiting for Sarah and Wendell, Morgan has to save a man. Jim (Aaron Stanford from the 12 Monkeys’ series) tells Morgan that he brews beer and his kidnappers wanted his recipe. Jim is positive civilization will make a big comeback, and when it does, Jim is ready to sell lots of beer.


Wendell and Sarah are anything but charity workers…they are more like land sharks aka pirates. It seems they stole that tractor-trailer from the real hero, and left him on a road back in Texas. Now Sarah and Wendell are demanding that Morgan take them to Virginia, but when Morgan refuses, they tie him up and throw him and Jim in the back of the truck.


Jim tries to convince Morgan to give the location of Alexandria. While Jim is speaking about a business arrangement. The truck pulls over. The load is too heavy and Jim has to throw out some of the boxes. Sarah and Wendell are definitely con artists, but there is still something likable about them. I love how they keep calling Morgan by the nickname, Mo Mo. Jim accidently shoves Morgan down the hill. No one goes to help Morgan. Remember his hands are bound and the ditch walkers look hungry.


Why did Morgan tell that lie about the bridge? After Sarah, Wendell, and Jim get directions for Alexandria, they abandon Morgan. Our Ninja Warrior has plenty of time to think about his decisions. Luckily, for the world of FTWD, Morgan is able to climb onto the roof of a van and avoid becoming dinner.

Morgan radios Team Wendell and tells them the truth about the bridge. He tells them that he is a coward, but we know this is not true. Morgan has never backed down from helping people, but he thinks that he is more of a jinx then a friend. I think Morgan is going through an emotional journey, but his confession goes unanswered. Sarah and Wendell are miles away. Knowing that he has to take the risk or die on the van, Morgan makes a last effort ditch to escape, losing a shoe in the process. Morgan survives thanks to a knife that was in one of those on the side of the road.


When Morgan finally tracks down Sarah and Wendell, they ain’t too happy because Mo Mo gave them the wrong directions. Morgan makes a deal with this motley crew. They will continue to drop off the boxes, while driving back to Texas to find his friends. Morgan also wants to meet the hero who began this whole roadside charity thing…There is just one little problem…the women that Morgan has been chatting with on the radio is a crazy witchy woman (Tonya Pinkins) who is up to no good.


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