Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E08

27 Nov


I wasn’t feeling too well last night, and never got to watch or post a review for the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Damn! The showrunners have to stop killing my favorite characters. Who are the Whisperers? Find out in my recap.


There were only two explanations for the strange actions of the walkers hunting down Eugene: the stumbling dead were evolving, or they are being manipulated by the living. Now, if you are a fan of the comics, you already know what and who the Whisperers are. If you are not…then all I can say is that we are in for some scary stuff when the series returns in February.


Right now, we are all wondering about the rift between the communities. What caused Michonne and Maggie to become enemies? More curious is why Michonne is so frigid around Carol? I expected Carol and Michonne to hug, but even though Carol wanted to, Michonne’s demeanor was not a welcoming one. What has taken place to put such a shift between friends? Carol tries to keep Michonne talking by asking about RJ and Judith. When Carol asks Michonne to send delegates from Alexandria to the fair…Michonne refuses. Maybe Jesus can convince Michonne when he returns.

Michonne has delivered Team Manga to Hilltop, and for now, Tara welcomes them until Jesus makes the final decision. Have I mentioned how much I like Team Magna? Michonne is also at Hilltop to check on the injured Rosita, but she learns that Jesus, Aaron, and Daryl are searching for Eugene. When Rosita leans about the rescue, she is so upset she jumps out of her sickbed.


Negan is happy with his new cell. He has a window. It’s better than television. People forget that Negan is there and they talk…they talk about everything. Gabriel visits to impart some kind of decency into Negan, but Negan only taunts him about Rosita. Gabriel is also in charge of Negan’s bedpan…disgusting…but I guess someone has to do it. Gabriel finally tells Negan off before marching out of the jail with the guard close behind him…did anyone remember to lock the cell door?

Teenage Wasteland

Henry is a good kid, but teenagers will be teenagers. Henry was hoping to get together with Enid, but blindsided by the fact that Enid digs Alden, Henry decides to hang out with Gage, Rodney, and Addy. They have a few drinks too many, then sneak out of the compound.


The boys have a walker trapped in a hole and they plays ring toss with the poor creature. When Rodney pees on the walker, Henry jumps into the ditch and kills the walker. Henry is thrown into jail after he tries to sneak back into the camp. Luckily for Henry, Earl decides to give him a second chance, but Jesus has the final word.

The Whisperers

In the comics, the Whisperers are a group of people who worship zombies as a pure form of humanity. This group live as nomadic hunter-gathers, and survive under a survival-of-the-fittest law. The group is large and they are able to blend in with a walker herd and lead them against other communities.


Jesus never wanted to be the leader of Hilltop, but it didn’t matter; people depended on him. Jesus and Daryl are more alike than they realize. They both want to be free of rules and obligations. They both want to be on their own. I really enjoyed Tom Payne’s portrayal as the post-apocalyptic savior of Hilltop. His was the voice of wisdom in so many arguments between the communities, and he believed in Rick’s vision of the communities all working together…but whatever happened after Rick’s death, changed everything.


All the time while Daryl, Aaron, and Jesus tried to get the injured Eugene to safety, I was never worried about Jesus because he was such a great fighter. When Michonne and Team Magna showed up, I relaxed. All is good, I foolishly assumed. I thought this episode would focus only on Negan’s escape, but it wasn’t Negan’s escape that shocked everyone in this mid-season finale.

Since the new showrunner, Angela Kang, took over, we are losing people faster than healthcare in America. Jesus did a fabulous Ninja attack on the Whisperers, but it wasn’t enough. He thought he was fighting the dead. He wasn’t. He was fighting men wearing zombie masks. One of those men killed Jesus, and his friends have Team Daryl outnumbered.


We have to wait until February to find out what happens to Negan since the show is definitely not following the comics per Rick’s death. Maybe we’ll find out how Daryl and Michonne got those scars. Maybe the Whisperers will attend the Kingdom’s Faire. Farewell Jesus.

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