Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E07

20 Nov


Carol is the one person you want on your team when you are fighting walkers or Saviors, but our cookie baking warrior does have a soft spot for one particular person. It’s always a good thing to see Daryl and Carol together. Will Hilltop accept the new survivors? Did we hear talking walkers on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead?


Yaping walkers are chasing Rosita through the forest before trump even had a chance to rake it. Yes, the walkers are supposedly speaking now, and in my opinion, they speak more intelligently than our president does. Being chased my walkers is scary enough without them having a running commentary about their plans to catch you…but where the hell is Eugene.


Daryl is living the life of a hermit, and finding food has been mostly slim. He has a dog for company, who by the way has plenty to eat because Daryl loves that dog. Carol is surprised that Daryl has been living alone for so long. She thought it would be temporary. She wants Daryl to stay at Hilltop with Henry. She wants her best friend to watch over the boy as he learns all there is to know about being a blacksmith. Daryl refuses. Daryl seems angry with Carol…is he angry that she chose Ezekiel?

Henry is your typical teen who doesn’t want a chaperone, but he knows that Carol and Daryl have a special bond. I was on the edge of my seat when Daryl’s dog failed to return from checking out the many walker traps that Daryl had lining his encampment. I am still recovering from the tiger’s death. Henry proves to Daryl that he is a good fighter, and together they save the dog.


When Carol was cutting Daryl’s hair, I almost expected those old sparks to rekindle. You know that they still have feelings for each other. It’s funny how most of the fans of TWD want these two together. We love Ezekiel, but for many of us…it’s always been Carol and Daryl…two people who before the apocalypse would have never given each other a second glance. The apocalypse made them the heroes we so badly need…especially in a world where the president thinks that raking the forest floors will stop wildfires. Carol’s smile when Daryl agrees to stay with Henry, says it all for me. There is a bond between these two Ninjas, and it makes the apocalypse bearable for the fans of the show. Is anyone else wondering why Daryl has a matching scar like Michonne? Was there some kind of organ transplanting going on? Inquiring minds want to know.


There are so many questions about Hilltop’s relationship with Alexandria that I don’t know where to start. What happened after Rick blew up the bridge? We know that Jesus is in charge of Hilltop, although unwillingly, and that he and Aaron have to sneak away to practice their training, but we don’t know why Maggie left, or for how long. Is there a rift between Hilltop and Alexandria? Why?

Tara is apparently the second-in-command, but she’s getting a little miffed with all the problems that are popping up because Jesus really is not into playing the town’s mayor. Hilltop is flourishing by the looks of the farm. Enid is slowing becoming the town doctor and demands more room to grow medicinal herbs. Is there a marijuana plot in her plans? Right now, Enid is caring for Rosita after she was found Jesus and Aaron.


I am getting to like Team Manga more and more as we watch their journey to Hilltop. Team Manga is very uncomfortable with Michonne’s refusing to give them back their weapons. Manga (Nadia Hilker) is missing Bernie, and Yumiko tells Michonne the story of Bernie’s paisley shirt prank on Manga. If the shirt story didn’t soften Michonne, Luke’s Stradivarius does…or Michonne’s destruction of the violin does.


What separates man from beast? What is the first sign of an enlightened civilization? The answer is “The Arts” and Luke does a great job in explaining why that Stradivarius that Michonne accidently sliced and diced was so important for the post-apocalyptic world. Fortunately for the poor horses, Michonne finally trusts Team Manga and gives them back their weapons just in time to save them all. Manga is devastated to see walker Bernie, but Michonne does a kind deed and puts Bernie down for good. I really like Team Manga. They are exactly what this show needs. There is one question to be answered before the mid-season finale, “Who or what did Manga see hiding in the woods?


We still don’t know what caused the rift between communities, but Michonne is more willing to go to Hilltop after she learns that Maggie is no longer there. Daryl, Carol, and Henry arrive in Hilltop just in time for Daryl to join the search party for Eugene.

I will end with this thought. I wondered how Rick’s disappearance would affect Daryl, and on this episode, we learn that he had never stopped searching for his friend/brother. It was a good thing that Carol asked him to be Henry’s guardian, because Daryl was losing himself in his forced isolation.

See you next week, my little walker snacks

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