Spiritual Reading on Indecision and Confusion

8 Apr

30261565_10213968075148645_233113108086784000_oBesides being an author, and blogger, I am also a psychic medium and I do weekly readings on my Facebook page and on my Gilbert Curiosities Blog. I wanted to share this particular reading with my friends here on Gilbert Speaks. Enjoy

Some people, like me, make quick decisions. They do enough research to feel confident, then make their decisions. No matter if the results or good or bad, these people go with their gut instincts and most of the time, they’ve made the right choice. When they do make a mistake, they store this failure away for future use, and then, go on with life.

Some people, like my hubby, have to arrive at a decision at a much slower pace. They will do the research, get advice from other people, then weigh the evidence before acting. They too are using their gut instincts, but act only when they feel confident that there won’t be any negative feedback. If the desired results are a failure, they might become hesitant to act on the next big decision. Luckily for my hubby and me, we balance each other out: daring yet sensible eliminates a lot of mental potholes…and things get done.

This reading is for the third group. I call these people ‘Spiritual Procrastinators’ these gentle souls never fully believe in their own powers to do the right thing at the right time. The Spiritual Procrastinators will handle each decision as if they are making a life or death choice. Each decision is handled with fear even though they are intelligent people, who know what the correct choice is. These gentle souls freeze up when making a decision; never trusting their gut feeling; never trusting the research they’ve done; never trusting others who have made a similar choice.

This inability to act on a decision and to stick to it, is usually seen in new souls. This is their first time in a corporal body, and the mechanics of trusting in one’s power hasn’t seeped in yet. They concentrate so fully in making their way through this life, that they’ve forgotten the lessons learned in Heaven, or that they are divine creatures who are temporarily inhabiting this body. I’ve also seen this inability to make a decision in a few old souls, who may be still reacting to choice from the perspective of past memories when they had chosen wrongly. They are afraid to trust in themselves…but how do they move past their spiritual procrastinating?

Seven of Raphael tells us to make a decision! Be clear on what you want, then take action. How can these souls take this first step?

Decision with Archangel Jophiel tells us to release yourself from your fears. Detox from past lives and past mistakes. Stop worrying. You know who you are and what you need. Trust your instincts. They are from GOD.

Seven of Michael tells us there is a better course of action available to you. If need be, consult with professionals, then make your choice

Two of Michael tells us that it is better to make a decision. Do not stagnate in this life because of fear. Our overanalyzing keeps us from obtaining what GOD wants for us. He wants us to be happy and, to make sure that we allow other people to be happy. Michael’s advice is compromise. Make a decision, stick to it, and if it is the wrong decision…learn from it.

Knight of Gabriel tells us to take action! Put some passion into your decision, and trust your instincts!

Now get out there and live your life!

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