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Where is Gilbert?

17 Jul

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted lately…I am still doing reviews, but over at Biff Bam Pop. You can read my articles on this link Biff Bam Pop

I will be posting all my Walking Dead Reviews of Season 11 on this page…and of course all my favorite films that make it to my Granny’s Insomnia Theater.

Gilbert Speaks on Cruises

24 Oct


This was my very first cruise to anywhere, but it was the third time that I went overseas. My first trip was with Starr Tours’ Leisurely Tour of Tuscany, and the second trip was to Benevento and Amalfi with my 92-year-old Uncle Mario and my cousins. The cruise was with Starr Tours, and I went to parts of Greece and Italy…so the question is, “Did I really need to buy that watch?” Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Narcissistic Gene”

20 Feb


This is a new addition to my Spiritual Musings in a Physical World. Do we create the Narcissist, better known as the Emotional Vampire, or is it in their genes? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Protecting Your Aura

11 Feb

14-1014 - Sun Morning in Nov1010 - HSenders

I spoke about psychic and emotional vampires in an earlier blog called Negative Energy. On this post, I want to give some examples on how you can protect your aura/soul from negative energy. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks to Psychic/Medium, Beth Harper O’Brien

15 Jan


Beth and I have been friends for many years now, and I was very excited when she opened her own place, Spiritual Healing through Guidance. Beth offers many classes and workshops, and she is hosting a big Psychic and Healing Event on February 16, 2019. It was time to interview Beth and learn more about her new center. Continue reading

Spiritual Reading on Indecision and Confusion

8 Apr

30261565_10213968075148645_233113108086784000_oBesides being an author, and blogger, I am also a psychic medium and I do weekly readings on my Facebook page and on my Gilbert Curiosities Blog. I wanted to share this particular reading with my friends here on Gilbert Speaks. Enjoy Continue reading

Steampunk Granny’s Upcoming Events

20 Jun


Where in the world is Steampunk Granny? I am all over the place, but you’ll need a map to find me. Here is a list of events that are coming up. Hopefully I’ll get to see all my friends. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Kong the Might Frog, and Stewardship

1 Jun


I’m doing something quite different today. I’m combining two articles from my Gilbert Curiosities Blog to my pop culture blog. My friends and family all know about my love of nature and, I’ve posted many tweets about the four frogs that lived in my backyard pond. The frogs had chosen my pond as a permanent home…until disaster struck. What’s the connection between my frogs and our environment? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

“The Walking Dead” S07 E01: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

24 Oct


The Walking Dead  has always been about Rick Grimes and how he dealt with the apocalypse; be it with walkers, friends, family, or enemies. This season Rick and his team have crossed paths with Negan and, everything we thought we understood about our friends will change forever. The measure of a man and woman is how they deal with an invincible obstacle. Negan is that obstacle.


Fans of the series will recognize that the title of the S07 premiere is a statement made by Dr. Jenner on Season 1. Jenner said this to Rick right before the CDC imploded; destroying all the dangerous viruses and prions inside. It is a chilling statement, but so perfect for tonight’s episode. The heartbreak begins…now. Continue reading