Gilbert Speaks on “The Terror” S01 E08

8 May


With their ship ice locked, Crozier and his men are braving the weather in hopes of making it to civilization. Although they don’t know when the supernatural beast will attack again, we know from the last episode of “The Terror” that Crozier’s biggest threat is Hickey and a mutiny.

Terror Camp Clear

Brotherhood. As Crozier and Fitzjames make their way across the barren land, Fitzjames tells Crozier about his real identity. Fitzjames was born from an affair and with his mother being Portuguese, he’s not considered fully British. Crozier doesn’t care about family history. He knows that Fitzjames is a good man who has proven himself through many tours of duty. Crozier looks at Fitzjames as a brother. This is a touching moment considering that they were at odds at the beginning of the series

Having a sociopath on your ship is just as dangerous as dying from tainted food, and supernatural beasts. Hickey blames the deaths of Far and Irving on the Netsilik hunting party. Because of Hickey’s lie that the Netsiliks killed Far and Irving, he convinced a few men to hunt down the native hunters and slaughter them all, including the women and children with the hunting party. Hickey is successfully working behind Crozier’s back and swiftly implementing a revolt against authority.

Why Hickey would sabotage the lives of his companions is beyond understanding, but Crosier wants to see the bodies before he makes his decision. Lady Silence is brought into the tent that hold the bodies of Far and Irving. When Crozier asks her if this is the way her people would kill, and she shakes her head, no. Hickey is already riling up the men with thoughts of mutiny, and Tozer once again asks to arm all the men. Crozier tells him no. Crozier takes a few men with him including, Hickey, Doctor Goodsir and Lady Silence to the scene of the crime.


Fitzjames has not escaped the symptoms of iron poisoning: bruises, bleeding gums, fatigue, and while he examines the open sores on his body, Tozer is busy getting guns to the men he knows will mutiny…all this, while Crosier does his investigation at the site where Hickey said the murders took place, and the site where the Netsiliks were slaughtered. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Hickey is guilty.


After returning to camp, Crozier tells Lady Silence to return to her people. He is afraid the men will hurt her. Poor Goodsir is heartbroken to see her leave. I think he’s fallen for the woman, but he doesn’t have time to wallow in his sorrow because he is called to do an autopsy of Irving. The autopsy proves that the Netsiliks had fed Irving as a sign of friendship. Crozier orders both Tozer and Hickey arrested, and a gallows built. Hickey spreads more lies about Crozier before his hanging, but before he tells the men about the resignation letter, the Tuunbaq makes its appearance.


Did Lady Silence send the bear? If she did, the bear interrupted the hanging of an evil man. Hickey and his fellow mutineers abduct Goodsir and take off with most of the supplies. Fitzjames takes out the big fireworks to scare away the Tuunbaq, but not before it kills 32 men including Collins.


Poor Collins. I feels so sorry for this teddy bear of a man. High on cocaine and wine, Collins is attacked by the Tuunbaq. There are two episodes left, but I will hate to see this miniseries end. I have grown fond of Crozier, Fitzjames, and Goodsir, and even though Adam Nagaitis plays a despicable character, I will miss him, too. See you next week, mates


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