Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E15

9 Apr


Aaron is still searching for allies, while Daryl and Rosita confront an old friend. But that leaves us with two big questions, “How much does Negan know about Dwight and, what happens to Simon? Meet me after the jump.


In this episode of “The walking Dead” we learn about worth. Carl knew all about worth when he was writing those letters. Maybe it was Carl’s closeness to the Grim Reaper that imparted such an unearthly knowledge into the boy. Can the son protect the father even from the grave? Carl’s letter is having an effect on Rick, but will Carl’s words change Rick? Change Negan? Maybe they can change if these two warriors understand that all people have worth.

While Michonne reads Carl’s letter to Negan, and Jerry (I love this guy) babysits infant Grace; Gregory is asking for a job from Simon, but Negan’s number 2 guy is not in the hiring mood. Gregory is worthless to Simone except for making the coffee.


It’s almost funny the way Eugene gives cooking lessons to his ladies. But what do you cook if your living the apocalyptic life? What cook book would you bring along in your ‘Bug Out’ Bag? Believe it or not, there is food that you can purchase for just that emergency. But, it’s best to know how to cook with what you have and hope that it tastes like Mom’s home cooking, even if it is a sardine mac and cheese dish.

Eugene has an attitude. Power does that to people, but Eugene now throws his weight around because Negan made Eugene feel like he had worth. He has his elves working overtime to make enough bullets from Simon. Gabriel is sick and Eugene makes him wear a hospital mask because whatever Gabriel has might be airborne. Gabriel has been messing with the bullets. He doesn’t want anyone to die. Even though Eugene makes Gabriel feel worthless; Gabriel is anything but. I have grown to admire this man of GOD. He may have started out a coward, but Gabriel has surely proven his worth.

Karma is a bitch! And, after Eugene is captured by Daryl and Rosita, Rosita tells him just how worthless he is. When a herd arrives, Eugene is able to escape by vomiting all over Rosita. Will Eugene, who has the nine lives of an alley cat, make it back to the factory?


Aaron is hiding in the woods near to Oceanside. He refuses to leave until he can convince these Amazons to fight. Will these ladies listen? Will they think Aaron’s words of battle worthy of them to leave the safety of their existence under Negan’s rule?


Negan is back with a vengeance. Dwight is surprised to see that Negan is alive, and Negan seems to believe Dwight when he says that they thought he was dead, but Negan didn’t get to be the leader by trusting people. Simon is in trouble because of his actions at junkyard…but Negan seems to forgive him. Simon is a sociopath and we saw this over the last few episodes. He wants to destroy Hilltop and in order to achieve this, Negan must die. Best made plains of mice and men often fail, and Simon is no exception. When Negan learns of the betrayal he fights Simon fist to fist…best man takes control of the Saviors. While Negan crushes Simon’s throat, Dwight helps Gregory to escape with Negan’s plans to take over Hilltop.


Steven Ogg made a great antagonist while alive, and even as a walker, his personality remains. Negan knows all about Dwight thanks to Laura. Negan tells Dwight that the plans that Gregory took with him were a trap. Negan isn’t going to kill Dwight, but whatever punishment he has planned for Dwight…we know that it will be worse than death.


Michonne contacted Negan via walkie and read Carl’s letter for him. Did we really expect Negan to be changed by a dying child’s plea for forgiveness and peace?

Eugene makes it back to the factory where he learns that Negan is not only alive, but has set a trap for Team Rick. This is Eugene’s chance to do the right thing; to be a man of worth, but his feelings are hurt and he tells his elves to step up the speed. Negan wants bullets.

One last episode to go before the season ends. People are going to die. No one is listening to Carl because it’s easier to fight than make peace. See you next week, my little walkers. I might be posting live next week from the AMC theatre for The Walking Dead’s Survival Sunday.


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