Gilbert Speaks On “The Walking Dead” S08 E11

12 Mar


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Jadis got the full treatment from Simon, and now she’s all alone with her trash art. Aaron and Enid were kicked out by the Oceanside amazons, and Negan learns about Carl’s death. The war is on, but things don’t look good for Team Daryl. What’s in the swamp? Find out after the jump

Dead Or Alive Or…

Damn uninvited guests! Everyone is going to Hilltop. While Daryl, Tara, Siddiq, Rosita and Dwight lead the Alexandrians to Hilltop, Negan’s men are also heading towards Hilltop in search of Gabe and Carson. I hope Maggie’s made enough coffee for all her visitors.

Gabe and Carson are definitely lost, and without the help of GPS, Gabe wants to channel GOD for directions. Gabe (Seth Gilliam) is very sick and he is going blind. Did he become infected after rubbing walker guts all over his body? I think so. When Gabe hears the sound of a bell in the distance, he believes it’s a message from GOD, but they find a shack with a working ham radio. Did you know operators are sometimes called Hams?


Luckily for Gabe, the walker radio operator, left some antibiotics behind and this might just save Gabe’s life. Everything that happens to Gabe and Carson, Gabe believes it’s because GOD is guiding them. When Gabe accidently knocks over that huge piggy bank, inside is the car keys and a map to a nearby museum.

Even when Carson gets caught in a bear trap, Gabe feels that GOD has his back, especially, when blind Gabe is able to kill the walker attacking Carson. Gabe is feeling pretty good about GOD until Negan’s men show up.

Maggie’s Choice

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has her hands full. There is a food shortage and she has to make a decision about the prisoners. They’re not happy about the cut in rations. Maggie makes a great leader, but she is doing things that she wouldn’t have done two seasons ago. Watching the man who you loved murdered in front of you can do that. She knows that Morgan and little Henry are experiencing some type of breakdown, but for now, she leaves them in Carol’s hands.


Maggie is in charge of baby Gracie, and it seems right, and it proves that neither pregnancy nor children can stop a woman from being the best damn leader this side of the apocalypse. This year is the year of the woman and we see all our Walking Dead females taking the center role. Maggie knows that Negan is coming, but unlike Gregory, she feels that Hilltop has a chance.

Swamp Things

Dwight (Austin Amelio) is a victim of the apocalypse, and yes, he’s done plenty to piss everyone off, but his heart is in the right place. All he wants to do is help Daryl and the Alexandrians safely to Hilltop, then he is going to search for his wife…there is just one problem, everyone wants him dead. Tara wants him dead now, but Daryl tells her to wait. Tara doesn’t look the waiting type. When Dwight suggests they go through the walker infested swamp, Daryl is the only one to get it.


Did the walkers eat all the gators in that swamp? After witnessing the walker attack on the beloved tiger, I’m guessing that there aren’t many animals that can outlast the walker herd. While Rosita, Siddiq and Daryl clean the swamp, Tara and Dwight take care of a few uninvited walkers. Tara doesn’t trust Dwight and tries to kill him, but instead she does something much worse. She makes him surrender to a few of Negan’s men. Luckily, they don’t know that Negan wants Dwight’s head on a pole.


I’m not sure where Eugene’s loyalty lies, but he did help Gabe and Carson to escape. Eugene is afraid that Negan will find out who helped with the escape, but Negan puts Eugene in charge of making bullets. I’m not sure why Negan is so willing to make life easy for Eugene.


Maybe he likes the way Eugene trembles whenever he swings Lucille around. If Negan had any suspicions about Eugene, they disappear when a prisoner is brought back.


Sometimes, GOD, pulls the rug from under you. When Carson is killed reaching for a gun, and Gabe is put to work sorting out bullets for Eugene, you can literally feel Gabe’s trust in heavenly justice disappear. The good news is that Gabe didn’t rat on Eugene. When Negan questions Eugene about the amount of ammo, Eugene comes up with a sinister plan.


The people of Hilltop are devastated upon learning of Carl’s death, with the arrival of Team Daryl, especially Enid. Morgan takes Carol’s advice and tell Henry a little white lie. Maggie has more people than she does food, but unlike a certain world leader whose name I won’t mention, she decides to keep her humanity. Everyone, including the prisoners, receive the same food rations. Maggie is getting ready for the war, but what she doesn’t know is that Negan is resorting to an apocalyptic, biological war with rotting flesh. Very scary when you know that germs are higher than us on the food chain.

See you next week my little walker snacks…drinks lots of orange juice to stay healthy.


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