Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” Season 7 Finale

3 Apr


I always look forward to the beginning of each new season of “The Walking Dead” but dread the season finales. We are usually left with jolting cliffhangers that leave the fans furiously analyzing what happened to our favorite characters throughout the spring and summer months. We await each new October season premier, like a herd of heroin addicts lined up for our next Walker fix. I would not trade this angst for anything in the world. I live for it. But, this season has been exceptionally brutal and I wait for this finale with quaking terror.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Poor Sasha, Eugene gave her a pill instead of a weapon and she’s having flashbacks to the last kiss she had with Abe. Negan personally delivers breakfast and tells Sasha that she needs to help him solve some shit. That doesn’t sound good for Team Rick. Sasha is having flashbacks of Abe and their last kiss. She tells him that she had a dream that he would die. “Don’t go.” But, he did and we know what happened. We also see Sasha sitting next to Maggie. They are in a field.

Dwight is a royal pain in the buttocks and we all want him dead…but he has a plan. He knows when Negan is coming and he wants to help Team Rick to take him down. But, can we believe this man? Tara feels no pity even when Dwight tells her that he wasn’t aiming for Denise, but there is something that keeps Daryl from shoving that knife into Dwight’s skull. Let’s see if Dwight has changed his stripes.

Jesus tells Maggie about the upcoming fight and she tells Jesus that Gregory is already switching sides. It was nice to see Judith tonight. Is she staying at the Hilltop?


Ezekiel has his army and his tiger ready for battle, but Morgan tells him that he is stuck… not to stuck to kill a few Saviors on his own…but stuck. I love how Ezekiel gives his royal edict to “Get unstuck.”

The Scavengers arrive at Alexandria in a caravan of garbage trucks and bicycles. Jadis wants sex with Rick, and Michonne gives her the look that says “Hell No!” The trucks are loaded up with explosives for Negan’s arrival and Michonne instructs Farron how to be an efficient sniper. When Farron tells Michonne “We win,” we’re fooled into thinking she meant Team Rick.


So how exactly is Negan going to use Sasha? We know that Negan took a liking to Sasha. He was planning of killing 3 people, but for Sasha, Negan decided on only taking one life. Negan tells Sasha to climb into a coffin. Eugene gives her some music, headphones and water.


Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. When there is no law, the lawless rule. Rick has made some poor choices in friends and Jadis was the worst. When Negan pulls up to Alexandria, Eugene tries to talk his friends into surrendering. When that fails, Rick gives the signal for Rosita to blow the explosives. Nothing! Jadis gives the signal and her people take the Alexandrians prisoner. Michonne and Farron fight to the death. Rick was fooled by the Queen of Garbage. Big surprise and I’m sure no one expected this.


Negan gets a shock of his own when he opens the coffin. Apparently, Sasha took that pill and, walker Sasha goes after Negan. Does Negan have nine lives? How did he escape Sasha? At least Sasha got to bite one of Negan’s men. After Jadis shoots Rick, Negan is ready to cut off Rick’s hands and use Lucille on Carl. I’m screaming at the TV, “Where the hell is the tiger?”


Jadis and her junkyard scum baskets and Negan were not expecting a hungry tiger to show up to the party. As Shiva chews her way through Saviors and Scavengers, Ezekiel, Morgan, Carol, and the Kingdom Cavalry save the day along with Maggie, Jesus and the Hilltop Brigade.

As Alexandria tend to their wounded; Michonne and Rosita, we wonder how we were tricked into thinking that Jadis was a team player. Eugene, we know is lost to us, but what about Dwight. He seemed so earnest about changing his stripes.

As Negan makes plans for World War 3 on Alexandria, Jesus and Maggie put walker Sasha out of her misery. It is always better when it’s someone who loves you. As Ezekiel, Maggie and Rick get their communities ready for war, Daryl finds a wooden toy soldier with a message from Dwight, “Didn’t know.”


It was good to see Abe again, but it was painful losing Sasha, but at least this season finale left us with a smidgeon of hope. Negan may have the Scavengers, but Rick has two Ninjas and a freaking awesome tiger.

See you in October, my little walker snacks and remember that Shiva and all the other wild tigers need our help in protecting them and their natural habitats.

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  1. Loretta April 3, 2017 at 11:27 am #

    Sad…..but exciting finale!

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