Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E06

12 Nov


We have jumped into the future, and it is without the captain of this apocalyptic ship. Andrew Lincoln’s Rick has been taken away. His loved ones and comrades are left to mourn, and to survive on their own. On this episode of The Walking Dead, there are other survivors out there, and someone must decide if they can be trusted. Who leads in place of Rick?

Who Are You Now?

Michonne is attempting to live her life without Rick, but it is hard. When you lose the love of your life, the sun still rises. The world still spins. The days pass, but to Michonne…life is hell. Michonne often visits the bridge where the explosion happened. Where she thinks Rick has died.


Later she finds an abandoned hearse, and among the junk in a tin can, she finds a little tin cowboy, which she takes back with her. Michonne has changed. She has become more cynical, more wary. We can’t blame our warrior. She has faced too many horrors, but she has also gained something valuable.


Our little ass-kicker is around ten years old in physical age, but her mind is wiser than most of her adult companions. Children have the ability to live in the present moment. They see what others are not able to see.



After rescuing a group of strangers, she forces Eugene, Aaron and the other Alexandrians to allow the people sanctuary. I am so happy that Judith is just as fearless as her father, not Shane, but the man who raised her. Judith also has a bit of Carl in her. She wants to give people a chance. As far as Judith is concern, Michonne is her mother, but Judith is beginning to forget Rick’s and Carl’s voices.

Team Magna

Michonne, as head of security, is not as trusting as Judith or Gabe, who want to give the rescued newcomers a chance to join Alexandria. Magna (Nadia Hilker) claims to be a waitress, and Luke (Dan Fogler) says he’s a music teacher. Connie (Lauren Ridloff) is a hearing-impaired journalist, and Kelly (Angel Theory) is Connie’s protective little sister. Michonne proves over, and over that she knows her shit. While the others want to trust Magna and her friends, Michonne correctly guesses that Magna is an ex-convict with accessorized weaponry. I don’t know the real backstory of these new people, but I like them. They are a collection of misfits that have survived the apocalypse in spite of their differences…almost like Team Rick was at the very beginning.


While Daryl exists a hermit’s life in the woods, he is observing that nature abhors a vacuum. Where there is death, nature finds a way to bring forth life and a mother bird feeds her babies with worms plucked from a tree walker. Carol, on the other hand, has made a life as Ezekiel’s queen. She’s happy taking care of her man and the boy they’ve adopted. Henry is your typical teen who seeks adventure and growth. Unfortunately, for the royal family, the place is falling apart. Jerry (I love this guy) is busy making repairs on the broken pipes, but they need better tools and supplies. The Kingdom is hosting a Fair and the place has to look royal.


Never, ever mess with Carol. That is one of the lessons learned in this episode. Her hair long, Carol looking like Legolas from the Lord of the Ring, decides to take Henry with her to deliver supplies and pick up more hardware from Hilltop. Henry hears the call for help, but runs to the rescue before Carol can stop him and are ambushed by Jed and his band of merry Saviors. Jed remembers that Carol had spared his life, so he returns the favor, but takes the food and her wedding ring. Did living the life of royalty soften our cookie baking Ninja warrior?


Sans the mullet, Eugene is looking great. He is upset that Rosita and Father Gabe are an item. Father Gabe doesn’t let his religious collar interfere with worldly desires, and he has also morphed into leadership as part of the council…so we have a love triangle going on. Eugene wants to boost their walkie-talkie power by putting an amplifier on top of a water tower. Great idea, right? Maybe they should have sent someone who is not afraid of heights. When a herd of walkers shows up, Eugene falls while trying to get to the ground. He tries to declare his feelings for Rosita.


Never, ever piss off Carol or threaten someone she loves. While Jed and his friends slept, Carol was able to sneak in and douse them in gasoline. Even though Jed pleaded for his life, Carol did what she does best. Ring back on her finger, it was nice to see Carol offer and give her soulmate (I will always want to see Daryl and Carol together) a ride.

Negan is helping Judith with her math homework. There is a strained bond between these two, and somehow it seems perfect. I think Negan is changing, maybe becoming soft from his solitary confinement. It looks like the townsfolk are taking better care of him. Judith isn’t a pushover, and you see this in the interaction between her and Negan. She knows what he is. She knows what he did to her father and brother…but like she tells Negan…math does not concern itself with good or bad: just numbers.

Now, I write sci-fi apocalyptic books. I have four books so far in my Roof Oasis Series, and I’m working on the fifth. In my series, the zombies begin to evolve and become more cunning. They are able to defend themselves in battle. On tonight’s episode of TWD, while the injured Eugene and Rosita hide, the walkers that follow them are mumbling words. They are speaking! Are these walkers, like my zombies, evolving? What will this mean to the survivors?


The big spoiler of the night is the boy. Michonne and Rick had a son. I know there was talk that this might happen, but it was still a welcomed surprise. Maybe motherhood has changed her some because she offers to take Team Manga to Hilltop where she feels they will be accepted more readily.

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