Gilbert Speaks on “Edge of Darkness”

4 Aug


I am always looking for movies to add to my growing Granny’s Insomnia Theatre collection. Edge of Darkness had been featured on cable for several weeks, but I found myself hesitating to watch it because Mel Gibson was in it. The other night, I gave in, and I am so happy that I did. Will Mel make it into Granny’s collection? Meet me after the jump.


Edge of Darkness is a 2010 conspiracy thriller, and is based on a 1985 BBC television series. Martin Campbell directed both the original television series and the film. Mel Gibson plays Thomas Craven, a South Station Boston homicide detective. The story starts with Craven picking up his daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic) who is in town for a visit. We soon realize that something is wrong with Emma when she vomits while getting into her father’s car. Emma doesn’t even have time to eat dinner with Craven because the vomiting becomes severe.


What should have been a quick ride to the emergency room for a possible stomach virus or food poisoning ends with Emma blown away by a shotgun as she and her father are leaving the house. Thomas Craven is inconsolable as Emma dies in his arms. Everyone at the police station assumes that Thomas was the gunman’s target, but later, after taking a lock of his only child’s hair home with him, Thomas finds a gun hidden inside the bedside table. Why would Emma need a gun?


Emma worked as an intern at Northmoor, but before Thomas questions the CEO, Jack Bennett (Danny Huston), he tracks down the owner of the gun. David (Shawn Roberts), Emma’s boyfriend, fearing for his life, attacks Thomas after he enters David’s apartment. Thomas is way too frightened to talk, but Thomas does learn that there might be something shady about Northmoor and the research they claim to be doing. Thomas’s next visit is to Northmoor.


I loved Ray Winstone’s character, Jedburgh. Jedburgh is a professional hit man with a big heart. Although hired to eliminate any loose ends arising from Emma’s public execution, Jedburgh takes a liking to Thomas. Jedburgh, who is childless, feels sorry for the detective, and the conversations between these two men add to the suspense of the film. Thomas knows exactly what Jedburgh is, but he also understands that Jedburgh has information…although most of the hints are guarded.


Thomas’s visit to Bennett reveals nothing, but Thomas knows that Bennett is hiding something. By accident, Thomas realizes that Emma was exposed to a dangerous level of radiation while helping her fellow activists collect evidence proving Northmoor was using foreign material to make dirty bombs for our country to use, then blame foreign nations. Thomas tracks down all Emma’s friends via her journal.


I’ve always been a fan of Mel Gibson until he went rogue and began spouting racist hate. I’ve had enough of hatemongers, especially with trump and his administration’s eagerness to put babies in cages, but I am really happy that I overlooked Mel Gibson’s moral failings and concentrated on his excellent acting skills. Mel’s portrayal of a heartbroken father was believable, especially with the many flashbacks that peppered the film with scenes of Emma (Gabrielle Popa) as a very little girl.

After Emma’s friend, Melissa (Caterina Scorsone) is killed while giving Thomas evidence collected by Emma, Thomas goes after the bad guys. Spoiler Alert: Everyone dies!


I normally love conspiracy films, but after this last election, Edge of Darkness felt too close to home. We are now dealing with a president who is suspected of conspiring with a foreign enemy to overthrow our government. I’m not sure how Mueller’s investigation will turn out, but for Thomas Craven and Jedburgh…they died trying to do the right thing. I am definitely adding Edge of Darkness to my collection. It’s a good film with lots of action, and I suggest you watch it.

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