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Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E07-08

11 Jul


Holy Indigenous People! On the mid-season two hour finale of “Fear the Walking Dead” Michael Greyeyes’s Walker became my new favorite character of the series after Madison decides to negotiate the peace treaty. We meet an old friend and Strand connects with Space. How cool was this? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “The Walk” S07 E09

13 Feb


It seems like forever since we last saw our friends and foes of “The Walking Dead” universe. Luckily I had “The Young Pope” to keep me occupied and of course we had those dealers of Alternative Facts to keep us distracted. But, boy oh boy, did I miss this show and all my friends. There are five communities that we’re aware of, and Team Rick will need everyone’s help to take Negan down. The game begins. Continue reading