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Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E08-09

14 Sep


This past week we were given a double treat when Midnight Texas was featured on two separate nights. This little gem is reaching its season finale, and I’m hoping that there is a second season. Midnight Texas has all the gimmicks to succeed: broody protagonist; a town located on the edge of nowhere; a vampire; werewolf; a witch; a female assassin; and a gay fallen angel, but more importantly, this series offers a new monster each episode. Manfred has run away. Can Xylda get him to return to his destiny? Find out after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E04

16 Aug


I am enjoying this first season of “Midnight Texas” It is horror done lightly, definitely not the equal of True Blood, but a close cousin to Grim, a supernatural show that made watching horror fun again. A supernatural creature munches her way into town, and while Team Manfred scrambles to stop her, Olivia deals with Daddy issues. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E03

8 Aug

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

The good news on Midnight Texas is that Manfred has found some very cool new friends and they pick up for each other. The bad news is that pack of vampires are looking for Lemuel. Are the vampires there for a friendly reunion or a bloody nightcap? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On the New Horror Series, “Midnight Texas”

22 Jul


I am a big fan of Charlaine Harris and her True Blood Books except for the last two. I was also a big fan of HBO’s True Blood series until the last season…but hey! Charlaine Harris knows her vampires and other creatures of the night so when I heard that Midnight Texas would premier on NBC July 24th at 10 pm, I was excited. What is the show about? Grab your wooden stake and follow me. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “American Gods” S01 E04

24 May


Holy Zombie! This week’s episode of “American Gods” was downright awesome and we get to learn much more about Laura Moon. Shadow was head over heels in love with Laura, but did she deserve the worship? Find out after the jump. Continue reading