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Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E07

24 May


Some time has passed on “The Expanse” and there is a push for peace, but everything is about that blue glowing Ring. Avasarala is now in position of power and Errinwright is in jail. Gillis has resigned. Avasarala calls for unity for Earth, Mars and the Belt, but something is not right. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E06

17 May


There is a war going on: both in the series and, with the Syfy Channel. The Expanse has been cancelled by the Syfy Channel, and that’s just a damn shame because “The Expanse” is one of the best science fiction series on television. We need to make our voices heard, loud and clear. Here is the link. Start Tweeting! Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S04 E04

4 May


I love science fiction for one reason; it is a looking glass into the future. What the writers of “The Expanse” have accomplished with this series is to show the prospects of our upcoming future for when we do land on Mars and, when we begin mining asteroids. Will our future be free of war and strife? Not likely. Humans are the most destructive species in the universe, and tonight’s episode gives us a glimpse of our nature…no matter where we call home. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E03

27 Apr


It is the year of the female warrior. We have seen our female leads step up to the plate on “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” and, in real life events. “The Expanse” S03 carries on this tradition with the likes of Avasarala, Draper, Naomi, and little Mei. Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E02

20 Apr


I can’t get enough of “The Expanse” but it airs on a night that I work late, so I have to watch it the next day. It’s always worth the wait because this is real science that we are being shown. NASA and Space X are trying to get us to colonize Mars, and there is already talk about mining asteroids. Is this good news? I don’t know if it would be for the colonists, or the miners. We’ve already seen how cheaply life is treated on earth by the big and mighty corporations. What makes you think humans would be treated fairly in space. On this episode we find out what happened to Mei. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E01

12 Apr


The Roci is back, but the crew is in trouble. Naomi did the unthinkable and gave the Belt a fighting chance. Weapons of Destruction is an old song that still has us hiding under our school desks…only people my age will get this reference…As I’m doing this review, our president is threatening to launch smart and biggly missiles towards Syria. Does having the protomolecule really give the people of the Belt a fighting advantage? Welcome back to the cast and writers of “The ExpanseContinue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” Season 2 Finale

21 Apr


On last week’s episode, while Avasarala, Cotyar and Draper were betrayed by Errinwright and captured by Mao’s henchmen, Holden put his revenge on hold to save Naomi. While Iturbi tries to figure out what is happening on Venus, Holden and his team must save the Roci from one hell of a hitchhiker. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse S02 E11

7 Apr

The Expanse - Season 2

On the last episode of “The Expanse” Bobbie went to the beach. Avasarala what Bobbie witnessed during the attack on Ganymede. Dr. Iturbi is puzzled by events taking place on Venus. This week Bobby makes a decision that changes her life forever. Will Team Roci find Mei before the Protomolecule hits the fan? Join me for my review of the best science fiction series on TV. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Seventh Man” on Syfy’s The Expanse

9 Mar


If we thought that Sgt. Draper was out of the woods, permanently, on last week’s episode of “The Expanse” we were in for quite a surprise with this latest episode. There are power plays happening on Tycho that might endanger an already shaky summit meeting. Pick your side and meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on the Best of Sci-fi TV: The Expanse & Colony

25 Feb


Holy Collision Course! It’s no secret that The Expanse and Colony are pulling in the number of viewers that they are. Both shows offer top quality scripts and acting. Both shows offer great science mixed just right with political intrigue. In one series, Aliens are invading Earth (Colony) and in the other; Earth invades space (The Expanse) same results…pure thrills. Meet me after the jump for a quick review of this week’s episodes. Continue reading