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Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E04

2 Jul


Tonight’s episode of “Orphan Black” revolves around mothers, natural or otherwise. While Kira struggles with her identity, Cosima learns about a failed experiment. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E09

10 Mar


I have to admit that the second season of “Colony” has kept all of its fans on the edge of our seats as the Bowmans try to survive the occupation. Bob Burke wants to bring down Will, and he’s got the golden ticket; the Bowman kids. Why did the co-pilot fall from the sky? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Colony S02 E01: Eleven.Thirteen

15 Jan


Colony is a USA Network science fiction drama created by Carlton Cuse and stars Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies. I was hooked on this series after watching the first season and I’ve been telling all my friends to watch the show. On the first season we were introduced to the main characters, but when we did meet them it was a year after the invasion. The aliens responsible for the invasion stayed out of sight, but their control was always in the forefront. As in any invasion you have the collaborators and the resistance groups, but sometimes these divisions pit family member against family member. In this episode we finally get to witness the invasion via a flashback. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on S02 of Colony and The Expanse

5 Jan


There are two really great shows returning to television this year for their second season and, I’ll be watching both. If you’re interested in great science fiction then meet me after the jump. Continue reading