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Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” Season Finale

19 Sep


I don’t know if “Midnight Texas” will even make it back next season, but I’m hoping it does. It has everything going for it, including a monster of the week. There’s a demon after Fiji, and her friends need to save her. Can they? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” E06-07

6 Sep

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

I’m playing catch-up on the last two episodes of “Midnight Texas” I’ve been on vacation, and like Manfred, I see the dead. My ghosts were in Benevento Italy. That’s where my mother was born and raised before coming to the states. I’ll be writing about my trip to Italy this week, but for now…there is a killer on the loose in Midnight. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t know that gets you killed. Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas S01 E02

2 Aug

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

Manfred has a demon occupying his house and needs help from his new neighbors, but Fiji is attacked when she does help. There’s a beast loose in the town & Manfred learns who killed Aubrey. So, the question is, am I loving Charlaine Harris’s “Midnight Texas” series on NBC? Find out after the jump. Continue reading