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Gilbert Speaks on B Movie, R.O.T.O.R.

30 May

Where is the team for Mystery Science Theatre 3000 when you need them? On one of the many nights that my insomnia took over, I decided to find a good film to watch. I came across a sci-fi/action mixture called R.O.T.O.R. The film reminded me of Robocop and Terminator…Sometimes a film is so bad, that it can be good.


R.O.T.O.R. is a 1987 action film written, produced, and directed by Cullen Blaine. It stars Richard Gesswein, Margaret Trigg, Michael Hunter, Carroll Brandon Baker, and Jayne Smith. Dr. Coldyron (Richard Gesswein) is the top scientist of a police robotic lab. He has been commissioned by the Police Commissioner Buglar (Michael Hunter) and Senator Douglas to create a robot that will act as judge and jury…kind of like what is happening in the news today.

While Dr. Coldyron is busy working his farm and his girlfriend…LOL, his assistants Dr. Houghtaling and a wise cracking robot called Willard…monkey with the prototype, which causes R.O.T.O.R. (Carroll Brandon Baker) to escape before they can program the Robocop to not kill innocent people.

When R.O.T.O.R comes across a speeding car, he kills the male but is unable to kill the man’s fiancé, Sonya (Margaret Trigg). The girl escapes in the car, with R.O.T.O.R in close pursuit. When police headquarters notifies Coldyron that the robot has gone rogue, he tries to save Sonya by teaming up with the designer of the robot, Dr. Steele (Jayne Smith).


Dr. Coldyron is finally able to kill the prototype, but Dr. Steele doesn’t survive. Later Coldyron is killed by Buglar, and we learn the Buglar, and the Senator use the image of Steele to create a new killer robot which the Senator will use to become president.

The film was hilarious even though it wasn’t meant to be. R.O.T.O.R. had problems with opening windows, and doors. It became helpless if you played loud music or tooted your car horn. The whole time that I watched the film, I could picture the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 commenting on the different scenes leading up to when Dr. Steele enters the picture.

At first, I though that Arnold Schwarzenegger was dressed in drag, but it was her hairstyle that had me on the floor. Did we wear our hair like that in the 80’s? This film will definitely make it into my Granny’s Insomnia Theatre Collection for when I need a good laugh. You can see this film on Demand. Sometimes a film is so bad…it’s good.