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Gilbert Speaks on Jack Flacco’s Book On Forgiveness

28 Mar


I’ve know Jack Flacco for several years, and I’ve even interviewed him for my Gilbert Curiosities Blog. We are authors. We both loved writing about zombies, but recently, we’ve journeyed from the domain of the apocalypse and into the spiritual realm. Where I use my psychic/medium gifts to lead people back to GOD, Jack is using his blogs, his ministry and his latest book to reconnect to a loving Creator. Join me now as I ask Jack about his new book, When Forgiveness is Enough: Making Sense of God’s Calling. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks with Ordained Minister and Medium, Beth Obrien

30 Jun


I’ve known Beth for several years now. She is a gentle soul who wants to help the people who seek her services. What is a medium and how are they able to help the living and the dead? Find out after the jump as Beth explains all. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Young Pope” E05

1 Feb


Is Lenny a saint or is he one hell of a negotiator? On this week’s episode of “The Young Pope” we do learn a few important facts that may help us understand one of the coolest popes to ever grace a television series…if only the real pope had this much chutzpah. But, would we welcome such an outspoken prophet? I’ll let you decide after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Leah Remini’s Expose of Scientology

14 Jan


I was born and raised into the Roman Catholic Church, but as I became more aware of who I was and where I stood in this existence we call life, I found myself pulling away from organized religion in order to truly connect with GOD. My feelings of organized religion of all faiths and beliefs are this: Their desire to control our minds is detrimental to the relationship that we, by nature, crave to have with our GOD. No religion is free of failure…or scandal…none! Continue reading