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Gilbert Speaks on the S0 2 Finale of “Colony”

8 Apr


The LA Bloc is scheduled for a “Total Rendition” and I don’t think it’s a musical that the Hosts are planning for the unfortunate inhabitants of LA. While Team Bowman try to find a way to safety, our favorite team player, Snyder, makes the best of a dire situation. Doesn’t he always? Who will survive the season finale of “Colony” Find out after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E12

1 Apr


Holy Espionage! While Ex-Proxy Snyder is getting down and dirty on this week’s episode of “Colony” and Team Bowman makes a last ditch attempt to retrieve the gauntlet, Helena gets terrifying news. Grab your drone and follow me. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “Colony” S02 E11

26 Mar


If you think teenagers are stressfully defiant when things are going well, imagine what trouble they can get into when there is an alien invasion. On this episode of “Colony” Bram is center stage this week, and he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd. How does this effect the Bowman family? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E10

21 Mar


What if America was occupied by a foreign entity? How well would we do if the invader was more powerful than us? “Colony” has taken that theory and ran with it and the results are frighteningly close to what we would experience if the occupation was another nation, or an alien species. There would be collaborators and there would be a resistance group. Would we survive as well as the Bowmans? Let’s see where loyalties lay after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Colony: Fallout

17 Feb




On this week’s episode a favored member of the Resistance becomes sick from alien technology that was hijacked, and Nolan learns about a special shipment. Episode 6 of “Colony” was extremely rewarding in bringing all hidden agendas to the forefront. What is the score for this week? Who wins? Meet me after the jump.


Jennifer’s lie about Simon Eckhart has the men in black searching Northern England for him, but Simon is back in the states and wondering why the hell Broussard is MIA and on top of that one of Simon’s team is badly ill.

Back at work, Will learns that he is no longer allowed to use the computers at work. He’s only the company bloodhound. This is a problem because he needs the company computer to open the files that Katie stole from Maddie. Will his getting Betsey to help him cause her to be transferred like Jennifer. That’s the story going around, that Jennifer was transferred but we saw her commit suicide. Poor Betsey. After helping Will, we learn that Betsy has been transferred and Detective Burke (Toby Huss) takes great pleasure in telling Will the bad news.

Katie calls Will and tells her that Charlie is sick, but Will is angry when he learns the real reason for Katie’s call. I doubt that Broussard will ever allow Katie to leave the resistance and should Katie have said no when Morgan came to her for help with the news that BB was very sick. Morgan had no choice because no one knows where Broussard (Tony Kittles) is.



Will threatens a doctor friend of his to save BB. Why do I feel that everyone who helps Will or Katie winds up dead? Without proper evaluation, the doctor can’t help the boy. The doctor with the help of the resistance is able to sneak BB into a hospital for the necessary tests. The prognosis is not good and Will and Katie are told that BB’s blood count cells are bottomed out: radiation poisoning! BB will die a painful horrid death from working on the alien gauntlet. Luckily Morgan places the device inside a lead-lined box

Deputy Proxy

Maddie and Nolan (Adrian Pasdar) visit the labor camp where Bram is held. Special shipment is coming through the prison and Nolan wants to see what exactly is inside the crates. Maddie is upset with Bram’s bruises and his refusal to accept the food that she brought him. Does she really think the guards will let Bram have that food? Talk about clueless! Bram has earned the trust of Maya and Morales and they show him the bomb they are working on



Nolan bullies Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) into seeing the special Global shipments that are heading off planet. So what’s in the huge crates? What are those cylinders used for? Looks like a coffin to hold a human body or a RAP. Nolan thinks this is proof of his religion. What Nolan doesn’t know is that Snyder tells Governor General Helena (Ally Walker) that he only showed Nolan the empty cases. Nolan has been sold out.


What is it like to live under Totalitarian rule? What if the only news you received was alien propaganda? Could this really happen now? This is why the Resistance is so important, but Broussard needs to get his house in order if he intends to fight for Earth’s freedom. Will is forced to grant a dying man his wish, and Simon learns that his mother is paying for his fight for freedom.  This week’s score Alien 1, Resistance 0