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Gilbert Speaks on The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

2 Dec


I had not read Denfeld’s first novel, The Enchanted, but I will be doing this very soon. I’d been given a gift certificate to an independently owned bookshop, and I stopped in to pick out the latest tell-all book on trump. Luckily, my love of mysteries took hold, and I picked up a crime novel about a missing child. Will The Child Finder find a special place on my book shelf? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Alienist” S01 E07

6 Mar


On last week’s episode of “The Alienist” the killer escaped, and crooked Connor killed Willem, but the death of the latest child gives Team Kreizler a much needed hint. As our team learns more about the background of the killer, Kreizler is learning more about himself. Who does Kreizler have feelings for? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “The Accountant”

27 Nov


I suck at math. I say this because although I received first honors throughout my twelve years in Catholic school, math was always the one subject that the nuns could not teach me. I have the ruler scars to prove this. I blame it all on those damn fractions. My understanding of math slid downhill ever since I had to learn fractions. Even though I’m not particularly good at math, I do love films that use math in the plot. I recently watched a film called “The Accountant” and although it’s a great thriller, it was all about the math. Meet me after the jump. Continue reading