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Gilbert Speaks on Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman

11 Aug


I need to apologize for not posting more often on my blogs. There are several reasons, but the most relevant reason is that I am dealing with the loss of my husband. Not only have I been lax in film and TV series reviews, but I haven’t done any writing on the fifth installment of my Roof Oasis Series. Anyway…when I do watch an unusual film, I make the time to write about it. Last night, I accidently came across Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman. Will this film make it into my Granny’s Insomnia Theatre Collection? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Los Espookys”

16 Jun


There is a new American comedy on HBO, and it is definitely worth watching. Los Espookys follows a group of friends who turn their love for horror into an enterprising business. They create and provide horror for those willing to pay for it. It’s a little bit of Seinfeld meets The Exorcist. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Adam Ruins Everything”

22 Oct


My eldest granddaughter, Allie Gilbert, asked me to watch and review a show called “Adam Ruins Everything.” I was immediately on board with the project because I had been watching the series whenever I wasn’t working on my book, doing psychic readings or ghost investigations. What can I say? Granny is having a ball, but when one of my nine grandchildren ask me for a favor…I’m on it! So, who is Adam and why is he ruining everything? Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Snatched, A Mother and Daughter Romp

30 May


This holiday weekend, my daughter and I finally had the time to sneak away to the movies. We were looking for something light and fluffy to watch having already seen “Alien Covenant” and “Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2” with our hubbies. The trailers for Snatched looked like fun and even though I’m not a fan of Amy Schumer, I do love Goldie Hawn. Was “Snatched” worth fighting the holiday traffic to see? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks On “Your Show of Shows

4 May


I’m working on a book about the two ghosts that live in my attic. It’s called Life with Fred and Lucy. While doing research on the shows that my family was able to watch on our 12 inch black and white screen, I came across one of my favorite childhood memories. It was called one of the greatest television shows of all times. What was television like in the year 1950? Meet me after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “Holy Man”

15 Mar


It was the storm of the century, we were told by every news station and talking head. The predictions were flipping back and forth from 4 to 12 inches to 12 to 20 inches. I woke up to a sheet of ice that covered the ground, shrubbery and trees, but the snow precipitation was a little over 4 inches. It was the ice that screwed up my schedule and kept me home, but I didn’t mind. I had a chance to see a film that I’d never seen before. It starred Jeff Goldblum and Eddie Murphy. Was Holy Man snow worthy? Find out after the jump.


The 1998 comedy drama, Holy Man, directed by Stephen Herek was about the people who worked at a Home Shopping Network. Tensions are high to push products and Ricky Hayman (Jeff Goldblum) is not meeting his boss’s expectations. Mr. McBainbridge (Robert Loggia) brings on a sharp shooter to boost sales.


Katie (Kelly Preston) and Ricky butt heads as soon as they meet, but they join forces to save the Good Buy Studio. If you’ve ever watched the Home Shopping Network, then you know that the salespeople are under the gun to sell as many products as they can in an allotted time slot. Ricky needs a miracle and he finds it on the side of a busy highway.


Eddie Murphy plays the part of a holy man who wears Gandhi clothing and is on a pilgrimage to bring happiness to the world. He wants people to live the simple life and not to be pulled into the world of commercialism. So, it’s kind of counterproductive to find him working at Good Buy studio after Ricky almost hits him with his car.


“G” walks onto the stage one day uninvited, but the audience loves him so much, that he is hired to help sell the slow moving products. “G” uses a religious approach to spending your money on stuff you don’t need, and it works!


“G” is getting tired of the rat race and he wants to go back to his pilgrimage, but he feels duty bound to help Ricky keep his job. When Ricky loses Katie and realizes the harm he’s causing to G, then he allows the mystic to leave.


I love Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum, and I expected the best because they were both in this film. Unfortunately for all involved, the film sucked big time. The acting was great, but the script was as sad as a drowned starfish and beyond any holy man’s prayer.

The lesson for today is: The weathermen never get it right and sometimes a movie is a flop no matter how much you want it to succeed.

Gilbert Speaks on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet E01

5 Feb


I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore. Maybe it’s because she reminds me so much of my daughter. They could pass for twins in both looks and attitude. You can imagine my excitement to learn that Drew was in a Netflix series called Santa Clarita Diet. I watched the first episode to get a feel of the series. Did I like it? Grab yourself some raw meat and find out after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on the 1934 Babes in Toyland

30 Dec


Growing up in South Philly, my generation was treated to such classic comedians as The Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello and Laurel and Hardy, but it was Laurel and Hardy that I preferred watching the most. The other day I heard a song playing on television. It was the tune for the March of the Wooden Soldiers, but I don’t know what they were selling. Continue reading