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Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E10

5 Mar

ep 10.png

We lost a beloved member of “The Walking Dead” on the last episode of “The Walking Dead” and while some people are upset, I understand Chandler Riggs desire to lead a normal life. I wish that young man true happiness. This week, Team Rick needs to regroup and that might mean dealing with the Queen of Trash. While Aaron and Enid search for allies, that rascally Simon goes feral. Who wins tonight? Find out after the jump. Continue reading


Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E09

26 Feb


This season of “The Walking Dead” left us mentally and emotionally drained. The scripts and cast members were both top notch, but the losses were hard to take. We now know that Chandler Riggs’ character, Carl, was bitten and in the Walking Dead universe, there’s no antidote for a zombie bite. Team Rick is hiding in the sewers, and King Ezekiel has been captured, but how will we say goodbye to Carl Grimes? Find out after the jump Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E08

11 Dec


In the world of “The Walking Dead” you should never count your enemy, or cockroaches, as easily conquered. On this mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” Negan proves that just like the pesky roach that can withstand the devastation of an atomic bomb, he will not die easily. It’s rumored that we lose someone important tonight. Who will it be? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E06

27 Nov


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Negan and Father Gabe proved that God works in mysterious ways, especially against walkers and disgruntled workers. This week, while Rosita attempts to keep Michonne out of the fray, Maggie has problems at Hilltop, and Rick meets with the “Queen of Trash.” Will she join Team Rick against Negan? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S07 E07: Sing Me a Song

5 Dec


Hi-ho, the derry-o, Michonne is on the hunt! This week, Michonne hunts walkers while whistling a little ditty and, Jesus and Carl hitch a ride to the Sanctuary. Will Carl get his Christmas wish and kill Negan? Only the farmer in the dell knows for sure. Continue reading