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Gilbert Speaks on “Lights Out” A 2016 Horror Flick

14 Apr


When you’re able to see dead people, you’re also able see the negative spirits that roam this world. As a psychic/medium, I now know how to protect myself from harmful entities…but as a child…I slept with the lights on. The house, in which I lived in until I was seven, was haunted by a nasty elderly woman. The only thing that kept this ghost from entering my bedroom was an old lamp. In “Lights Out” our antagonist has her work cut out for her. Who will win? Grab your flashlight and follow me. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on “My Ghosts”

2 Apr

Mom & Dad

I not only see dead people, but I have two deceased family members hanging out in my home. Everyone knows about my Fred and Lucy stories from my blog, but what they don’t know is that Fred and Lucy remain quite active in their family’s lives even though they have passed to the other side.

Everyone has ghostly family members who check up on them. You do, too. Your deceased family member will make an appearance using several methods to let you know they are there. Meet me after the jump and I will explain. Continue reading

Steampunk Granny on God’s Way TV

18 Feb


I wanted to share my latest visit on God’s Way Television YTVY in New York with the fabulous hosts, Adolphina Shephard and Thomas Knights Templar. The other guest on the show was a famous UFO expert Pat Marcattilio. He is also known as Dr. UFO. Pat had such a vast collection of proof of UFO’s that he shared on the show. Enjoy! Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on We TV’s Ghosts in the Hood

7 Jan


As a natural born psychic and professional ghost investigator, I’ve seen my share of dead people. I also have two ghosts who live in my attic, and said ghosts, Fred and Lucy will be the topic of my next book. I’ve also done many ghost investigations, and consider myself well informed on how an investigation should be carried out. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching a new ghost hunter reality show on WE T.V. The action takes place in Los Angelis where the dead can be just as avant-garde and the living. Did the members of O.P.O. impress me? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

My Ghosts and What They’ve Taught Me

23 Dec


My friends love when I write about the ghosts in my house. They love when I talk about Fred and Lucy. I have two ghosts that live in my attic. They are my parents. Why they chose my attic as their hangout, I’ll never know, but they did. Find out more after the jump.

Fred and Lucy

My Ghosts not only stay with me, but often visit my siblings and my daughter. Fred and Lucy are very sociable, but I just assumed that they’d be hanging out with family up in heaven. I guess they’re not into all that singing and praying.


Although life with Fred and Lucy closely resembled that of the Addams Family, there were many lessons learned in their grocery store in South Philadelphia which prepared my siblings and me to survive in a world intent on destroying itself. My parents were the original doomsday preppers.


My father was not only a survivor of the Depression, but he almost died because of a severe bone infection of his lower leg. Without antibiotics, the bruise to the shin that he received from a sled accident, led to the development of osteomyelitis. The doctor had my paternal grandparents ship Fred off to an Atlantic City hospital that dealt with people suffering from tuberculosis and other long term illnesses. My father at five years old was separated from his parents and his siblings. His mother would have to take a horse and buggy to visit him every month. The prognosis was bad. He might lose his leg even though they did several surgeries; one to remove part of his shin bone.


My father was in that hospital for several years. I think this had a severe effect on his mental health: the constant surgeries; the separation from his mother; watching the other patients in the ward die; Fred had the gift of sight and could see the dead…yep, it had left a mark on my dad. But, my dad had OCD and he was determined to walk. Sometimes, having OCD is a blessing in disguise. Fred, to the medical staff’s amazement, forced himself to get out of that bed and walk. When he returned home, he had forgotten how to speak Italian and he was placed back in first grade at nine years old. He would sneak out of school every day and go on road trips with his friend Pat. He even traveled to Atlantic City. Who does that? Fred was always looking for adventure, but he never wanted to leave the country. His mother (Marie) died when he was nine and his father quickly sent for a new wife from Italy. Grandmom Rosie gave Fred 3 new sisters and a brother. Even though my grandfather owned a grocery store, times were tough and people starved to death during the depression.


My mother came to the United States when she was 15. Her father was already living here in the states working as a baker and the neighborhood Bookie for people who wanted to play the numbers. My grandmother did not want to come to America, but World War 2 was starting and my mother’s sister wanted to see America. Aunt Annie who was 18 wrote a letter to President Roosevelt for permission to enter the states. He actually sent them a letter that allowed passage into the country. My cousins might still have that letter.


My Grandmother arrived with her three children to live in South Philadelphia. She never adjusted to leaving her home in Benevento, Italy. She never liked living on a small street close to the Italian Market on 9th Street. Her son and daughters seemed to adjust just fine, although my mother had issues. We knew something wasn’t right when we were kids, but we were too young to understand. If my father surmised that there was something off kilter, he probably didn’t know how to deal with it.


It wasn’t until she was in her late 80’s that Lucy was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder Disease. She also had OCD and she was highly psychic (saw dead people) like her mother. She met my father while working in a tailor shop. They got married, but I don’t think it was for love. They didn’t marry for love in those days, but that’s how we four kids got here and that’s what counts.

Life’s Lessons

Now that you have the background on my parents, you’ll understand why my childhood was far from normal. When you read the stories on my blog about Fred and Lucy, you have to realize that they were not at all like our friends’ parents. Growing up in that grocery store in South Philadelphia was an education on the true meaning of dysfunctional: Oranges to Aspirins; Mama Grizzly; The Cake.

I didn’t know what was considered normal until I left home in my early twenties. But what I do know is this: Although my parents didn’t love each other, they loved us. They loved us enough to come back and watch over us. They make their presence known when they visit. Fred hangs out with me all the time. I think he really enjoys the ghost investigations that I go on. He is always bringing dead people to tell me their stories. He also warns me when something isn’t right. Fred has proven to me that the veil that separates the living and the dead is very thin.


Both my mother and father are happy about the Fred and Lucy stories. I can smell my mother’s perfume when I write about them. After I finish my Apocalyptic Sci-fi series this year, I’ll be working on the book about Fred and Lucy. My Ghosts were and still are, unique in all the best ways.


The Ghosts in My Attic

10 Dec


My friends love when I post stories of my ghost investigations. They love the fact that I can see dead people and they want to know why the dead haunt us. From my experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that the dead are just plain nosey. They want to know what we’re doing and, they never miss a moment to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks on Channel Zero’s Season Finale: Welcome Home

17 Nov


I am a big fan of the Syfy Channel and this year we have been treated to storytelling at its best with Syfy’s six episode series, Channel Zero. In the season finale we are taken into the world of the Tooth Child where we learn that our thoughts are living entities. Will Dr. Mike Painter save his daughter? Will Frances Booth add another victim to her list? Meet me after the jump. Continue reading

Gilbert Speaks About Ghosts

15 Nov


I normally post my ghost investigations on my personal blog, Gilbert Curiosities, but I felt that it was important for you to understand why I’m interested in spirits. I see dead people. I’ve been seeing them since I could remember. This ability runs in the family. It’s passed down via DNA from my maternal grandmother and from my father. If you know anything about genetics then you’ll realize that the trait is stronger when it’s passed down from both parents. But, what if I do see and hear the dead. How does this help me or anyone with the ‘gift’?

Not Dead

People get freaked out when you tell them you see dead people. They shouldn’t. Maybe if we looked at the picture differently, we would not fear death. We are not humans with a soul. We are souls that temporarily inhabit a body. We are pure energy; no beginning and no end. Our souls are truly created in God’s image while our bodies are a product of evolution. When we think of the afterlife in this way, then it takes the fear of death away because the body may rot away, but we keep on going…just like that energizer bunny.



Ghost stories have been part of our human culture for thousands of years and, even the ancient Egyptians believed in the Ba, which may have been their version of a ghost. Now, we demand scientific proof before we can wrap our minds around the idea that ghosts do exist. The best argument for ghosts is GOD. We can’t see him, but if we can easily believe in a God, angles and demons, then why not ghosts. They are all made of the same matter; pure energy. The only difference between a ghost and the energy that comes from the sun and stars is intellect. Spirits have intellect. The dead (souls that had at one time lived in a body) are often able to interact with the living, but it takes a lot of energy on their side. To hear and see them, we need to raise our vibrations.

Why don’t the ghosts stay in Heaven?

Free Will! From what the dead have been telling me, Heaven is nothing like we’ve been taught. My father and mother who haunt my house tell me that Heaven is actually a cool place, but even though Heaven is the Utopia we’ve been promised, spirits will travel to other planets and dimensions because the one thing that does not end with your last breath is the quest for knowledge.

My father tells me that God wants us to continue learning even when we are not in corporeal form. Why is that? Sometimes, he sends us back. There are many of us who are old souls. It’s not that we can’t get it right, but that we have not learned enough about our souls to become more like HIM. It seems, according to my dad, that God believes in the motto, “Practice makes perfect.”

Do Angels and demons walk the Earth?

Yes! There are angels assigned to us (Guardian Angels) and, there are angels who protect the Earth (trees, animals, water, and ocean). These angels are witness to how we are destroying our home. My father told me that people who do mass destruction of our resources are not treated kindly in the afterlife. He won’t say more about this…except that we would be wise to start hugging trees. Now that we know the job of angels, why do demons walk the Earth? The demons are here for the sole purpose of making us turn away from God. The dead tell me that God is not, and never will be, about religion. One of the more frightening things the dead have shown me is that the apocalypse is a man-made horror and when it happens, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. The apocalypse will come about because of our greed.


I believe in ghosts, but my husband is not yet fully convinced. This past Saturday, my husband accompanied me on a mini ghost investigation near the historic town of Batsto in Hamilton New Jersey. We went to the Pleasant Mills Cemetery with several other investigators who are also psychics and mediums. It was very cold so we could only spend about an hour at the site, but the almost full moon was bright enough to light our way.


Within a few moments of searching the tombstones, I felt the telltale sign that warns that spirits are around; extreme indigestion. I began to take pictures and was able to get a good shot of a perfectly formed orb. The orb (a spirit trying to manifest itself) was not only perfectly formed, but had multiple colors within its inner circle. To make sure that it was indeed an orb and not dust, I took several more photos…nothing! After walking through most of the cemetery, that telltale indigestion returned. I snapped some more photos and sure enough, another orb.


Was it the same spirit? I don’t know, but one of the investigators who used a ghost box was able to pick the sound of church music and people singing. I asked my husband if he wanted to go back to Batsto during the day and he surprised me by saying yes. He wants to visit the historic village when it’s open during the day and, he wants to see the cemetery again. My husband was curious if the spirits are active during the day. Yes, they are. I find that the spirits are more active and that our equipment picks up more information during the day. It makes sense when you remember that most of the dead probably had day jobs.

If you are interested in my other ghost investigations, then check out my other blog, here.


Gilbert Speaks on the 1961 Film: The Innocents

12 Nov


When is a ghost story so much more than a tale of spirits and hauntings? I enjoy watching classic movies and Turner Movie Channel is my go to channel when I am unable to sleep, which this past week has been almost every night since November 8, 2016. Is it possible to be possessed by a spirit? This is what this Jack Clayton film tries to answer.


The Innocents is a British supernatural/gothic film that stars Deborah Kerr, Michael Redgrave, Mega Jenkins, Martin Stephens and Pamela Franklin. Directed and produced by Jack Clayton the film in basses on a Henry James novella, The Turn of the Screw, which was published in 1898. It is interesting to note that Truman Capote was one of the screenplay writers. The title of the film is from the Archibald stage adaptation of the novella.


The film, which is featured in black and white, begins when a governess, Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr), is hired by a wealthy bachelor (Michael Redgrave) to look after his orphaned niece and nephew. This is the first governess job for Miss Giddens, but the uncle overlooks this inexperience and lack of professional references because he wants to travel and has no time for children. The uncle’s parting orders to Miss Giddens is a blatant example of his non-commitment to family; “Don’t contact me.” Luckily for Miss Giddens, there is a kindly housekeeper, Mrs. Grose (Megs Jenkins), who tries to ease Giddens into the role of governess.

The first few days go by without a hitch because Miss Giddens only has little Flora (Pamela Franklin) to care for due to the fact that Flora’s brother, Miles (Martin Stephens) is away at boarding school. Flora is a lovely child and Giddens and the child bond quickly. It isn’t until Miles is expelled from school that things begin to go strange, especially since Flora becomes more secretive now that her older brother is home.


Miles is charming in a mature way that is unsettling. He seems to know when to use his charm and puppy dog eyes to avoid questioning or to distract his governess. Soon after Miles returns home, Miss Giddens begins seeing the spirit of a young woman and a young man. She thinks the children are also able to see these spirits even though the rest of the house staff is oblivious to them. When Miss Giddens describes the two apparitions to the housekeeper, Mrs. Grose tells the young governess who the spirits are. Convinced that the spirits of the former governess, Miss Jessel (Clytie Jessop) and the abusive valet, Peter Quint (Peter Wyngarde), are possessing the children, Miss Giddens decides to take it upon herself to banish the ghosts.


This film presented the possibility that two ghosts were lovers, who may have carried on their sexual escapades in front of the children. Did the spirits return in hopes of uniting and carrying on their illicit affair by possessing the young Miles and Flora? Were the children aware of the ghosts or was the whole thing a figment of Miss Giddens imagination?

Miss Giddens’ inexperience with children left her at a disadvantage and, the uncle’s orders to never contact him left her at the mercy of her naivety. Miss Giddens was a young woman who was clearly out of her element and anything out of the norm of how she expected children to act would have seemed bizarre to her. But, she truly cared for these children and so the blame for their unusual behavior had to be placed at the feet of ghosts.


People like me, who deal with the dead, know that it is possible for a spirit to possess another person, or at the least, have an influence over their emotions. The fact that Miles and Flora behaved strangely could have been due to their knowledge that they were considered unwanted burdens to their uncle. If Miles and Flora had formed an attachment to the former governess, then her suicide must have had a horrific effect on them. What would make the notion of possession feasible is if the children did witness the sexual escapades of Miss Jessel and Peter Quint. The children would then be more open to allowing the spirits to enter them.

In the end, Miss Giddens’ desire to save the children led to the death of a child. I was left with the sinking feeling that what we were lead to believe was a haunting was really a case of repressed sexuality. What does that lingering kiss on the lips of the dead boy tell us about Miss Giddens? Sometimes the scariest part of a ghost story isn’t the ghosts. Do you agree?