Gilbert Speaks on The Walking Dead S11 E20

24 Oct

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead…we see the true nature of Pamila, while also seeing the power of friendship.

What’s Been Lost

On this 20th episode of the series finale…we know for sure two things: our beloved Ninja warrior, Carol (Melissa McBride) is at her best while under attack…and that Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) has a decision to make: save Eugene or save the people that have been kidnapped per orders from Pamela (Laila Robins).

Pamela has shown her cards in this episode. Not only does she intend to keep Walker Sebastian with her (does she intend to feed other residents to Sebastian?), but she has given the order to capture all of Team Daryl’s people. Rosita, Ezekiel, the children…everyone! Luckily for us, Carol and Daryl avoid the capture, but now need help to find their people. Who can help them?

Connie (Lauren Ridloff) tries to persuade Yumiko to do the right thing, even Eugene (Josh McDermott) is resigned to his fate, but Yumiko knows that her people will die if she doesn’t follow Pamela’s speech for the press conference. Yumiko is supposed to announce that she will be prosecuting Eugene and Max.


After faithfully watching all eleven seasons of TWD, I have come to love Melissa McBride’s Carol the most. The evolution arc of this character is amazing. Carol went from abused spouse to a freaking Terminator, and I am loving every second of it. Although we learn later that even Negan and Ezekiel were overcome by the kidnappers…Carol was able to fight the Pamela’s assassins off and escape…later…she convinces Daryl to get help from Lance (Josh Hamilton).

Now, I always tell people that leopards don’t change their spots…and never trust a snake, but when Carol and Daryl go to rescue Lance, he is a pitiful sight to see. He is covered in his friend’s blood and Walker Sebastian is eyeing Lance as a tasty snack.  After they are separated from Daryl, Lance leads Carol into an abandoned tunnel where they are surrounded by walkers. He purposely led Carol into a trap, but our Ninja plays it cool. Daryl comes to the rescue as Lance and Carol are ready to be shot by stormtroopers.


I love when secondary characters are allowed to show their stuff, and in this episode, Yumiko comes through on the letter of the law. Yumiko follows one of Pamela’s henchmen to see if he can lead her to her captured friends, but she almost gets caught.


Pamela is desperate to keep the illusion that the Commonwealth is doing okay. She is planning a kangaroo court to execute Eugene, thus satisfying her revenge for the loss of Sebastian, and also to let the people think that justice is blind…but thank goodness for Yumiko. She not only reminds the people at the press conference that her brother is a wonderful surgeon, but then she breaks the news that she will be defending Eugene. Oh, Oh! If looks could kill. Pamela is pissed.

Let’s get back to the coin flipping Lance. He surprises Carol and Daryl with the news that the Commonwealth has a train. The hope was to use that train to travel between communities…or more likely to capture more people. Lance thinking that he and Carol or best of buddies, is surprised when he gets the news that he isn’t wanted anymore. With a sad puppy dog face, Lance walks away and we think that maybe he will turn his life around like Negan did and play nice….but hell no! Like a true rattlesnake, he tries to kill Carol and Daryl, but he forgot who he was dealing with. Ninja Warrior 1…Lance 0

The series ended on a sad note when we see our friends drugged and bound and on a bus heading to someplace very bad. Let’s hope that Carol and Daryl will save the day. At least Team Aaron is still safe…


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