Gilbert Speaks on Fig Leaf Thrift

16 Mar

Good friends of mine asked me to share this. I am hoping that everyone in the area will stop by for the grand opening

Rev. Randy Van Osten                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/15/2021

Fig Leaf Thrift

The Lighthouse Community Center


Fig Leaf Thrift Sprouts in Pitman

The Lighthouse Community Center Announces Grand Opening of Its Inaugural Endeavor Fig Leaf Thrift

Pitman, NJ- March 15, 2021- As the pandemic wore on and affected many people in various ways, the First Baptist Church of Pitman created The Lighthouse Community Center.  The mission of the center: Like a lighthouse: we serve as a navigational aid helping people navigate life through education, mentoring, job skills training, and life skills training; we help keep people from danger by providing for their physical, emotional, and relational needs. We are a beacon of hope and a harbor of refuge and safety for all those seeking.  With this creation came the rebirth of Fig Leaf Thrift which had been a “program of concern” in Pitman from 1967-77 “designed to recycle clothing donated by area residents for those who need help”. 

Fig Leaf Thrift is a resale shop that will sell clothes, housewares, books, etc. at a low cost to raise money for The Lighthouse Community Center.  We will also give to those in need.  We want to be able to serve our community in both ways.  At the same time, in the event of an emergency or disaster, we plan to serve those affected through opening access to the resources in Fig Leaf Thrift and services supported by the Lighthouse Community Center. 

The Lighthouse Community Center will be home to an afterschool program starting in the fall 2021 in partnership with Renaissance Village.  Kids will have an opportunity to learn, grow, mentor, and have fun.  Since the number of people with food insecurity continues to grow, we will start providing hot meals to go once a week in the next month or so.  Job and life skills training are going to be another important part of the Lighthouse.  As we continue to see needs arise, we will do what we can to help people through the dangerous seas of life.  You can become a part of The Lighthouse Community Center.  Volunteers are always needed

. The Lighthouse Community Center will celebrate the grand opening of its Fig Leaf Thrift with a ribbon cutting ceremony, live music by local artist Richie Green, free merch giveaway, and free drinks/snacks on Saturday, March 20 at 10:00AM.

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