Gilbert Speaks on Kim’s Convenience, A Netflix Sitcom

9 May


Due to the pandemic and my husband’s passing after his brave battle with a rare lymphoma, I have stayed cocooned in my house. I need to heal and adjust to my loss. Thankfully to my good friend, Jean aka a fellow psychic/medium….I learned about an awesome series on Netflix. What is Kim’s Convenience all about?


Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian sitcom about the Kim family, who are Korean Canadians that run a convenience store. I immediately identified with the family because I grew up in a family owned grocery store.


The cast includes Paul Sun Hyung Lee as Appa (father in Korean), Jean Yoon as Umma (mother in Korean), Andrea Bang plays the role of their college aged daughter who works part-time in the shop, while her brother Jung (Simu Liu) works at a car dealership. Jung is estranged from his father, but the love is there between both of them, if they could just get over their misplaced pride.


The show mainly revolves around the likable Kim family and the dysfunctional customers who enter the store. We become invested with the family dynamics as Janet pushes for more freedom while Jung deals with his boss (Shannon Ross) who has a crush on him.


The show is funny, and it is easy to become addicted to the adventures of the Kim family. Kim’s Convenience is more like an Asian version of Seinfeld. It is a show about nothing…but we are immediately pulled into the characters’ lives. I can relate to all the characters because my father was just like Appa, while my siblings and I were like Janet and Jung.

My father and mother, along with their four children, worked in our family grocery store seven days a week from 6:30 am to 10 pm. We had our share of crazy customers, that I fondly remember to this day. Kim’s Convenience is that type of show where you look forward to seeing how Appa deals with his customers, his family, and his place in this world.

Mom & Dad

Look, we are stuck in our homes because of this pandemic, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good laugh or two. Kim’s Convenience will grow on you the same way that Seinfeld did.

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