Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E15

7 Apr


On this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” while Beta leads the horde, Negan shows the tender side of himself and King Ezekiel deals with an apocalyptic princess. Princess is no Snow White.

The Tower

This title reminds me of the Stephen King’s series, The Dark Tower. The tower must not fall! I think we needed some humor this past week on TWD because this episode is the setting us up for a very nasty end of season (whenever that will be) seriously folks….this Covid19 virus is a real time apocalypse in so many ways. My husband is in the hospital for severe complications from chemo, and I am unable to see him. I know the reason for the hospital lock-down, and I respect it…stopping this pandemic is of utmost importance, and we should all do our part and stay the fuck home…but damn!

Now that I have ranted, lets talk about the psycho Beta (Ryan Hurst). He is getting his crazy on and he turns on one of the Whisperers who had the audacity to mention Alpha’s name. Said Whisperer decides she is better off leading her own tiny horde far away from Beta, but she unfortunately runs into Daryl and Judith. Beta is intent on revenge and he heads toward Oceanside until the Tower cat skitters past. Team Aaron and Aiden, who have been following Beta, are captured before they can report back to the Tower. It seems that everyone is having problems with their walkies.


Daryl and Judith have a heart to heart talk, and I think it’s about time for Daryl to start teaching Judith how to be a scout. I mean the kid is already killing, so like duh!! Teach her your tricks, Daryl. Were you surprised that Judith didn’t tell Daryl that Rick might be alive? Is it because she didn’t want Daryl running off to find Rick? It makes sense when he is the only other adult that she considers family. Negan and Lydia get a chance to talk about Alpha. Lydia is shocked and angry that Negan liked certain aspects of Alpha…but what was happening is that Lydia was in denial (the first stage of grief) she needed to hate her mother in order to accept her death. Negan knew this and helped Lydia deal with her sorrow. It is amazing how we have learned to love Negan even though he killed our friends.


I am going to skim over the Carol and Kelly part of the episode because I am really pissed off with the writers messing with Ninja Carol. So let’s concentrate on Princess. I love the character played fabulously by Paola Lazaro. I am surprised that Miko didn’t deck her after the horses ran off, but Ezekiel and Eugene have more patience with Princess than Miko does…especially after they come upon the pieces of horse caused by the minefield. After Princess leads Team Ezekiel through said minefield, we learn that the wheels she promised them were not cars, but bicycles. Princess is missing a few days of the week, and she admits to the group that she has always been hard to love.


I don’t know if Eugene will find Stephanie, but I am glad that Princess is now part of the group. I don’t know if Daryl and Judith will reach the tower in time to help their people, or if Aaron and Aiden will pay the price of Alpha’s death.


All I know is that we have to wait until we conquer the Covid19 pandemic, and that may take forever because we had clueless people partying on the beaches in Florida, wacky preachers opening the door of their churches in defiance of common sense, and clueless leaders telling us that they will not wear a mask. Stay safe my little zombie snacks.

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