Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E14

30 Mar


What a strange world we live in. We are watching a series about the end of civilization while literally living with a corrupt leader who has no clue on how to keep a nation safe from the Covid 19 pandemic…let alone a zombie apocalypse. In this episode, Beta and Carol must deal with their own personal demons.

Look at the Flowers

I really don’t understand why the “TWD” writers have turned on Carol. STOP IT! Negan has upheld his side of the bargain…a bargain that was made after Carol released him from the Alexandria jail. Negan was given the job of executing Alpha. He had to take his time and regain her trust. Negan completed his assignment….but he wasn’t fast enough to make Carol happy.

Carol vs Alpha

This season deals with multiple sociopaths: Alpha, Beta, Negan, and even Carol…but I think Carol’s weird behavior is just temporary. We are never told what her childhood was like, but I think that Carol was either physically or verbally abused as a child. Someone stole her worth. Someone made her feel so unworthy that she married an abuser.


I guess it takes a disaster to release the real inner you, and Carol did rise to the top as our favorite Ninja Warrior. Yes, she does have a slightly skewered reputation as far as it comes to children; their survival rate around her is not something to be proud of, but all in all, her heart is in the right place.

With Alpha, I get the feeling that she was always the bully. She was a sociopath by heart, and when the going got tough, she killed anyone who got in her way. She was abusive to her own daughter. The fact that Alpha was able to control her followers completely with fear and intimidation is the sign of a sociopath. They will do anything to secure loyalty…even if it means that you leave your newborn child at the mercy of walkers. So, it was almost comical to see the ghost of Alpha taunting Carol with mentions of Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, and Henry. Luckily for us, Carol snapped out of her self-loathing just in time to save herself from a walker. I do hope we get to see more of ghost Alpha, because Alpha was a worthy enemy, and Samantha Morton has won my respect as being a better kick-ass nut job than the Governor himself.

Negan vs Beta

Why is Negan so popular even though he is a hardcore bad guy? I think it’s Negan’s personality. He makes you laugh even when you are cringing from his horrific acts against humanity. That prison stay in Alexandria has redeemed our bat swinging terror. Negan had time to rethink his choices. I think Judith had a big hand in changing him. I keep going back to that scene where he is in Rick’s house and holding baby Judith in his arms while taunting Rick. Negan likes children. He actually admits this to Daryl along with the plan that Carol cooked up to kill Alpha. Carl sensed this bright spot in Negan, and that is why he wanted to make room for Negan in Alexandria.

Negan & Daryl

Negan was hilarious in this episode, and in his own little way….he tries to bond with Daryl. The fact that Daryl did not kill Negan as soon as he walked into the cabin, is a testament to Daryl’s moral strength. The look on Daryl’s and Negan’s faces when the Whisperers declared Negan the new “Alpha” was priceless! I don’t know what the writers have in mind, but I do see some type of friendship blossoming between these two giants…it may be strained…but it will all center around their love for Judith and the other children.

Beta (Ryan Hurst) is much more dangerous than Alpha ever was. He is a true vampire. I don’t know what his personality was like before the apocalypse, but I have a feeling that even though he was a successful entertainer…he was a sadistic man…as witnessed when he shoved his companion into the snapping teeth of Alpha. I think Beta and Alpha were perfect for each other because they supported each other’s perverted activities. I thought for a moment that Beta would keep Alpha’s head as a love token, but he has bigger plans and he has an army of walkers to do his dirty work.


Why didn’t Ezekiel stay home? The last thing you need on a road trip is a terminally ill person to hold you back. I don’t know about you, but I think Eugene’s quest to find Stephanie is going to be a lot of fun.


On the road to find Eugene’s new love interest, Team Ezekiel comes across a unique walker display. It takes a very talented and imaginative person to use walkers in her own version of an apocalyptic Muppet Show. Princess (Paola Lazaro) is the newest addition to the cast. I have a feeling she will bring her own brand of kick-ass fun to the series.

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