Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E13

23 Mar


On this episode, we say goodbye to one of the bedrock characters of The Walking Dead. The choices we make have a ripple effect on our entire existence.

What We Become

I am only going to cover the major points of this episode because I am battling my own zombie apocalypse at home with my poor hubby. Cancer sucks! Sometimes the cure is more dangerous than the disease.

Virgil takes Michonne to Bloodsworth Island with the purpose of finding ammunition…but we find out that his whole story was bullshit. His wife and children are zombies and he wants Michonne to do what he is unable to do; put them out of their misery. Why Michonne ever trusted Virgil is a mystery…but since the writers are intent on making the lead women characters seem wacky, why not have Michonne walk into a trap.


Virgil has three of his friends locked in a cell. He only feeds them when he remembers. Virgil doses Michonne with jimsonweed and what follows is a road trip into a bizarro version of The Walking Dead, where Michonne allows Andrea to die instead of rescuing her, and where Michonne becomes Negan’s right-hand assassin.

Michonne is finally able to escape her cell and rescue her cellmates. Michonne tells them not to kill Virgil. As Michonne gathers her gear, she notices something familiar among the stockpile.


Rick’s boots! There is a log with Rick’s handwriting, and there is an iPhone with a carving of Michonne and Judith. Michonne now knows that Rick is alive, but was he spying on her from a distance because the carving of Judith is very recent. Knowing that Rick is alive, means that she will abandon her children to find him. Sure Judith gave her blessing, but your kids come first, Michonne.

The Michonne storyline ends the same way it began. She is on a quest to find Rick. She has two new zombie pets, but then she meets a couple. They need help. The man is injured. They are trying to catch up to a caravan that left them behind because of the man’s injury. Michonne decides to help the couple catch up to what appears to be a huge military formation. That’s what I am calling it.


I know that Michonne and Rick will finally reunite in the upcoming film, but it is really upsetting to lose Michonne on the series. She might make a guest appearance or two on the series. Who knows for sure…but it sucks not seeing her katana again.

Listen my friends. We are living a real zombie apocalypse. Our government is not prepared to protect us, so it’s up to you to do the right thing. Stay indoors. Stay away from crowds. Wear a mask when you do go out. Stay six feet from everyone. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.

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