Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E12

16 Mar


Holy Unlikely Frenemy! In this episode of “The Walking Dead” Judith must commit the ultimate act to save the other children…and we witness the most unexpected ending to an episode in a very long time.

Walk With Us

We are witnessing the real zombie apocalypse that is silently bringing down one nation after another. We preppers have been preparing for such an event for years: our cupboards are stocked with nonperishable foods, we have medication and first aid kits, we have enough water supply to last us for a month, we stocked up on pet food…and… we are armed.

That is all well and good, but a virus doesn’t obey the rules, and it can sneak in with your closest friends or family. The coronavirus may not be as frightening as a zombie that stumbles mindlessly looking for the next brain to feast on, but this virus has brought powerful nations to its knees. Before a meteor brought an end to the dinosaurs, they were already dying from viruses and climate change. Please use common sense. Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep away from crowds.


Hilltop has been destroyed by Beta’s explosive gourds. Team Daryl grab whatever they can and run, but not without a good fight against the horde. Our team has its own catapults and lob anything they can get their hands on. Eventually the dead walkers become a barrier to other walkers and that enables our team to try to regroup.


I was surprised as hell to see that Magna survived, but I was more surprised that Carol didn’t go Ninja on Yumiko after that punch. We are left to wonder about Connie’s fate. Aaron is dragging an unconscious Luke to safety when he spots Negan, but Negan slips away as Aaron protects Luke from walkers.


Alden, Kelly, and Gamma aka Mary are with baby Adam, Mary does get a chance to cuddle her nephew before they are overwhelmed by walkers. Mary is able to get Kelly, Alden and the baby safely inside a vacant van before leading the walkers away. I felt sorry for Gamma. She and her sister were causalities of the apocalypse. Their only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having poor choices with companions. Beta is a cruel and hateful person. He takes pleasure in killing Gamma. What is much worse, is his intent to make her part of the horde. Gamma partially unmasked Beta before she dies, and another Whisperer is quickly cut down when he recognizes Beta’s alter ego. Thanks to Alden’s arrow, Mary is spared the life of a walker.


Our little shit kicker on this episode did a lot of adulting. She had to put down one of the Whisperers, and she had to put down Earl. While protecting the children, Earl was bitten. He tried to do himself in, but in the end, it was Judith who had to put him down. She took it hard. When Daryl finds her, he takes her into his arms. He is definitely a father figure and a hero to this little girl….but you know something…Judith also inspires Daryl to be a better person.


Carol, Carol, Carol….what a mysterious person she is, and thank goodness for her evolution from meek housewife to the Terminator. In one scene, she encourages Eugene to keep his date with Stephanie, and in another scene, we learn her secret….and what a secret!

Negan is given the job of rounding up walkers to rebuild Alpha’s horde. He does so by using Lucille to put them down. Alpha wants Lydia. She wants to kill Lydia and keep her beside her as a walker…Wow, this is the ultimate Mommy Dearest mindset. Negan finds Lydia and ties her up. He then brings Alpha to the cabin.


Just when you think that Negan is unsavable as a human being, he surprises us all by killing Alpha. It seems that Lydia was not in this particular cabin that Negan led Alpha to. And if we weren’t surprised enough by Alpha’s death, we watch with glee as Negan carries the decapitated, growling walker head in a pouch and throws it at someone’s feet. “Took you long enough,” is what Carol tells Negan, and then it hits us. Carol helped Negan escape from Alexandria. Negan was the perfect double agent.

I was always looking for a Daryl and Carol union, but maybe what we need is a Carol and Negan kick-ass-killing-machine. Can’t wait to see how Beta handles Alpha’s death. My condolences to Lydia.

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