Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E11

13 Mar


In last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Lydia had that one chance to stop Alpha, but she couldn’t because Lydia considers herself human. Alpha is coming and our friends will have to decide if they fight or run for the hills.

Morning Star

Watching this episode brought back memories of watching West Side Story as a teenager. I was totally in love with the character, Bernardo (George Chakiris). While Alpha, Beta, and Negan whisper taunts of destruction as they march toward Hilltop, Team Daryl is gearing up in medieval armor with Daryl armed with a morning star (a medieval spiked ball on a chain).


The children from Alexandria are brought to Hilltop, and Judith keeps pestering Daryl into letting her fight. He tells her that if he is killed…she is to go with Ezekiel. I just absolutely love the relationship between Daryl and Judith, and I love what little Shit-Kicker did to his jacket.


Alpha and her people are better prepared than Team Daryl and we see this in the very end when Beta lobs explosive gourds filled with sap at Hilltop. The children are trapped inside, and our team is trapped outside. Will Negan allow Alpha to harm Judith? I am saying, “NO” but we shall see.

I am going to skip over the love-in between Eugene and the mysterious Stephanie, and between Ezekiel and Carol. It was only powdered sugar sprinkled on the donut.

What I do want to talk about is the real zombie apocalypse that we are in right now, and how we can take the lessons learned over the ten seasons of “The Walking Dead” to stay alive.


This coronavirus is a test to see if we are smart enough to survive any apocalypse that heads our way. Right now, the virus is winning. People are panicking and hoarding hand sanitizers and toilet paper. What they should have been doing for years was prepping for such an emergency.

You can not depend on government to protect you or your family. They don’t know what to do any better than we do. Trump has politicized this pandemic and now we are weeks behind with what other countries are doing to protect their citizens…mind you…other countries aren’t doing that well either. So, to make it short and sweet….we need to save ourselves.

We need to be organized and humane like Team Daryl, but we also need to have the animal instincts of Alpha if we are to survive every disaster that comes our way. When this coronavirus runs its course, please promise me that you will stock up on medications, food and water to last you and your family for several months. I think you should check out the Zombie Squad for some useful information on how to be a successful prepper. You don’t have to become the Terminator, but you can be a Bill Nye the Science Guy to survive the next pandemic.

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